The Middle East is controlled by terrorists. Here's your daily news digest for 27 February 2023.

Photo by Duncan Kidd / Unsplash
International aid to Idlib, Syria is controlled by terrorists | Free West Media
Politics are first and foremost in the international humanitarian response to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which devastated Turkey and Syria on February 6. The western humanitarian aid groups, and their partners in the western media, have lavished all the attention and aid on one small province alon…


Senator Lidia Thorpe removed from Mardi Gras parade after protest against police
Federal senator Lidia Thorpe says she lay on the ground in front of a float — interrupting the parade until she was removed by officers — to protest against police violence.
Anthony Albanese Must Come Clean On His Pension Entitlements If He Wants To Prove We All Get A ‘Fair Go’ In Retirement
These proposed changes sprung on Australians are even more galling considering that the Prime Minister is in line to receive a lucrative annual pension the moment he leaves Parliament.
Chris Bowen urges Greens to back emissions bill but again rules out ban on new fossil fuel projects
Greens leader says party has already made significant compromises on the safeguard mechanism


Jacinda Ardern’s resignation has saved New Zealand’s Labour party | The Spectator Australia
Many expected the abrupt resignation of Jacinda Ardern to fatefully deprive New Zealand’s government of its best asset. However, the moderate pragmatism of her successor, Chris Hipkins…
President of El Salvador’s Brutal Solution to MS-13: Shaved and Stripped Gangsters Welcomed to Their ‘New House’
The president of El Salvador is revealing a new mega-prison in which the country’s most violent gangsters will reside.
Zelenskyy Tells Americans - If We Do Not Support Ukraine, We Will Lose Credibility in World - The Last Refuge
A few interesting aspects to this soundbite before the hubris is displayed. Notice how Ukraine President Zelenskyy immediately affirms his knowledge that an increasing number of Americans no longer support the endless proxy war in Ukraine. Apparently, the CIA and State Dept are focused very heavi…

Business, Finance & Investment

Democrats and Republicans Are Both Deluded About the Nation’s Fiscal Outlook
The national debt is projected to balloon and both parties offer unrealistic proposals.
2023 Tax Brackets: The Best Income To Live A Great Life
Taxes are most likely our largest ongoing liability. Therefore, we should understand the latest tax brackets for 2023. I go through this exercise every year to guide how I will spend my time, my most valuable asset. Based on a thorough understanding of the 2023 tax brackets, we can then logically co…
History doesn’t repeat, but maybe it rhymes
In this week’s video insight Roger shares reasons to be optimistic about investing in equities and current market conditions. Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding markets at the moment, what matters more than anything else is inflation. Inflation hurts stocks overall because consumer spending…


J.K. Rowling: “The attempt to intimidate me is meant as a warning to other women”
J.K. Rowling: “The attempt to intimidate me is meant as a warning to other women.” By Ted Balaker. A celebrity says something problematic. Twitter goes nuts. The celebrity faces the rea…
Deconstruction: Why Leftist Movements Cannot Coexist With People That Value Freedom - Alt-Market.us
By Brandon Smith It should be clear to anyone paying attention during this current stage of instability in our modern…
The Man Who Saved the Second Amendment
In recent weeks, federal courts have begun to nullify a number of gun control laws on the grounds they violate the Second Amendment. In the Western District of Oklahoma, judge Patrick Wyrick found that prohibiting marijuana users from owning guns is…

Crypto & Blockchain

Decentralized storage: Tailwinds and open questions
On one hand, there are factors that could help boost adoption of decentralized storage. On the other, it also seems at odds with other trends.
Crypto Weekly Roundup: Coinbase Launches Base And Other News
It is imperative to look at all the contributing factors that could influence the market’s trajectory, especially the launch of a new Ethereum Layer-2 network.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


The two Zelenskys
Zelensky is neither saint nor sinner, but a leader trying to do his best.

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