Taking Stock

Taking Stock

In life before politics I was involved in the business sector where a lot of focus was on the end of financial year. That date was material in measuring business performance, establishing budgets and calculating team bonuses. For me, it was the moment to take stock of where you are at and where you are going. That process has stayed with me to this day.

It’s been a little under five months since I established Australian Conservatives and the brief journey has been amazing.

In less than 20 weeks we have built a national organisation with more than 10,000 members and nearly 100,000 registered supporters.

Our volunteer team have responded to over 35,000 emails and our supporters have made over 17,000 individual donations.

We truly are a grassroots political movement that is powered by people who want a better way for themselves, their families and for our nation.

We are also a ‘startup’ which means we are always looking for ways to improve our performance and grow our presence.

This week we added a new Victorian parliamentary representative to our ranks. Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC has chosen to join Australian Conservatives and strengthen the conservative voice.

While the past is now a matter of record, our focus is now firmly on the future. Over the next six months we will complete state party registration in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. We will also commence the registration process in the other states to ensure that Australian Conservatives will be a truly national presence.

That presence will include state-level coordinating teams to manage local meetings, our campaign activities and candidate selection processes.

Our policy development process is well underway and the contribution from our members to this has been invaluable.

So too has been their financial support. None of this would be possible without the thousands of people who have chipped in to support our cause. Every contribution of $3, $30 or $300 (or more) strengthens our movement and helps us find a better way for all Australians.

Contributions are also tax deductible (up to an annual limit of $1,500) for individuals so consider us if you are planning around the 30 June financial year deadline!

So this week’s Weekly Dose of Common Sense is to say thank you. Thank you to everyone of you who has thrown their weight behind the Australian Conservatives movement.

This missive is sent directly to tens of thousands of people and read by many, many more. It often prompts so many responses that it takes days just to read through them all!

But rest assured I do read every single piece of feedback every week. I can’t always respond personally but I can guarantee that your messages are received loud and clear!

Now our mission is to take our message of common sense and shared principles to the Australian people. Together we can literally change politics and make it work for every Australian instead of just the political insiders.

I am just the tip of the spear in getting that message out. You are the force behind it and the more we stand together the stronger we will be.

So thanks for being part of an amazing journey. Believe me, it’s just the beginning and the best is yet to come.

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