Here's an update on our crypto portfolio, Australian Covid mortality figures and political debt promises. Plus, read about my 15 cent ride share!


Sometimes it's good to revisit some of the information the Confidential website has covered to keep members updated.

Rather than devote a new post to brief updates, I'll be producing a 'snippet' to briefly cover several subjects.


The crypto portfolio is still undergoing a lot of volatility but is still showing a profit since investment. No changes have been made to the initial holdings.

The overall portfolio is up 6.3% from inception which is better than the last update but a long way from the initial near 30% surge.

The individual performance of each holding since purchase is recorded below.

Crypto 1  +7.9%
Crypto 2  +1.4%
Crypto 3  +35%
Crypto 4  +5.7%
Crypto 5  -24.2%

You can invest in crypto currency easily and safely by using the firm that I use EasyCrypto

Covid Mortality

I covered the deceptive nature of the US Covid-19 statistics and how they have been clearly manipulated to instil fear in the populace.

At the time, I was unsure if Australia followed a similar deceptive reporting protocol. i am now aware that it does.

The Covid-19 death toll includes those who have the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes Covid-19) irrespective of whether that played a role in their demise or not.

In essence, a lot of those your read were killed by this virus might have died from a completely unrelated issue. These people died with Corona but not from it.

The Federal Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth acknowledged that determining cause of death is complex, saying:

I remember as a junior doctor trying to do death certificates — it's not always an easy thing […] I don't, by any stretch of the imagination, think it's a reason to underplay the severe impact that COVID has on people who have [pre-existing] conditions.

However he wants to dress it up, the figures our governments produce and our media regurgitate without question are as fallible as those in the United States.

I will also mention that the WHO has said that an estimated 10% of the world's population could be already infected with Coronavirus. I have repeatedly written that millions more had been infected than any outfit had acknowledged and that this skewed the fatality rate to make it seem worse than it is.

If we accept what the WHO says now, the mortality rate is only 0.13% rather than the 3.4% they shutdown the world economy over.

We are being conned.

To what end I am not entirely sure but The Great Reset agenda is real and it isn't about helping any of us.  

The Federal Budget

I'll be posting a full synopsis of the Federal Budget tomorrow but the worst fears about debt and deficit have been confirmed.

The budget deficit will be  massive $214 billion with net debt supposedly peaking at $966 billion. The magic $1 trillion dollar gross debt will be hit next year.

That's a huge turnaround from the surplus we have been promised every year since the days of Wayne Swan. Sure, there are exceptional circumstances but the greatest global failure has been the over reaction of governments to a bad case of the flu.

May I remind you that it was right around now the Rudd government debt ( of only $200 billion) was scheduled to be repaid.

I guess politicians are just fortunate that most people have such short memories!

Transport Arbitrage

I love saving money and implementing simple life hacks that anyone can d0. Over the weekend I joined some friends for a drink at a nearby hotel.

When it was time to head home I selected the ride-share service that was offering the best deal. After discounts it cost me a total of 15 cents to get a lift home.

That's right, only 15 cents - and that included $1.50 in government fees and charges!

If you haven't signed up to Uber alternatives then do so using the codes below to get a startup bonus.

Didi - Use the code Cory235 to get a $20 in ride vouchers (use it and they'll give me a voucher too).

Ola - use the code 0D9XWVU after signup to get an introductory voucher.

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