Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

While the figures for Covid-19 infections likely accurate, the mortality statistics prompt more questions than answers.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Sorry if it bores you but I keep being drawn back to Coronavirus and the gross deception that is being played out on us all.

As I have previously canvassed, there is another agenda at work which is more about recalibrating the economy in line with Green dreams than protecting our health.

Unfortunately, the deeper you dig into what is being presented as fact, the more my suspicion that something is not right rings true.

Take for example the United States death statistics from Covid-19.

The figures are updated regularly and presented on the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. This is an official government website so one would expect the information to be accurate.

As at September 23, 2020, the site lists a total of 188,470 deaths involving Covid-19. Note the word involving. The media hysterically report that these people have died due to Covid-19 when this is clearly not the case.

The same site lists deaths involving pneumonia, with or without Covid-19, excluding influenza as being 192,312.  There isn't much hysteria about those deaths even though the figure is actually higher.

I know statisticians can debate these things all day but it is pretty clear that many of the deaths attributed to this Coronavirus are rather fanciful. I suspect it is all about keeping people scared enough so they remain compliant in the face of government oppression.

However, when you did deeper into the figures you come across even more anomalies.

In the table (3)  about Conditions contributing to deaths involving Covid-19, one finds a list of co-morbidities of those deaths where Covid-19 was listed on the death certificate.

Remember, these people are those whose deaths are apparently caused by Covid-19 and it says so on their death certificates. There are some for cardiac arrest, alzheimer disease, renal failure and a lot for respiratory diseases.

What caught my eye was the 6,171 people who were killed by Covid-19 but had "intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events"

It may be my naiveté but I would have thought if someone had deliberately or unintentionally poisoned themselves then that might be the actual cause of their death. I can only presume a suicide would also fit the description of a Covid death.

What about if  they had an accident (say on a motorcycle) and died in the crash? Wouldn't the rational mind thinks it was that which caused their demise rather than a  positive test for Coronavirus?

Don't think the question above is some conjecture on my part. There actually is at least one motorbike accident victim who was classified by authorities as dying from Coronavirus!

A more recent case of a claimed Covid-19 death was of a child born with a birth defect (gastroschisis) that died two months after birth. This claim, like the one about the motorcycle accident were later recanted when the were exposed  to public scrutiny

The explanation for such spurious attributions is how authorities decide to judge each case.

A death is consider to be a Covid-19 associated death if the death is due to natural causes, there is a positive Covid-19 test, and one of the following is true:

  • the death is within 30 days of onset of Covid-19,
  • if the death s more than 30 days from onset, the certifying physician identifies Covid-19 as a contributing factor to death.

Talk about a broad brush. It effectively means that if you have Covid-19 and show no symptoms at all, or even have a sore throat and you die from almost any cause whatsoever, you are counted as a Coronavirus statistic.

It's nonsensical and absurd. Yet the figures are virtually unquestioned by any who are in a position to do so. Instead they are brandished as weapons to scare the community senseless.  

Disappointingly, I have been unable to locate the equivalent table for the Australian deaths involving Covid-19.  I suspect they might shed some light on areas which some may prefer remain in the dark.

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