Ramping Up the Fear Factor

Once the populace has proven their compliance, government only needs to dial up the fear factor to maintain control.

Ramping Up the Fear Factor
Photo by Vadim Bogulov / Unsplash

Have you heard much about COVID lately?

Neither have I. It's almost as if the plague that was to destroy the world is now no longer necessary.

There is so much more to scare us now.

We have the Russia / Ukraine war, terrible floods in Queensland and a new Climate Change front emerging.

How quickly we forget that the science suggested anyone not jabbed was a potential granny killer and allowing children to go unmasked was virtually child abuse.

Maybe they want us to forget because the lies are so quickly being exposed.

While the experts are busy insisting children undergo the experimental vaccines the latest research shows that mRNA shots actually raises the risk of COVID infection in children under 12.

According to a recent study , just six weeks after children are vaxxed they are 40 percent more likely to get COVID than those who aren't.

When we add the disappearing vaccine mandates, the abandoned booster shots and the growing list of side effects, it looks like a hasty retreat is being engineered by those who have done so much damage.

That's why they are happy to talk about anything and everything else.

In saying that, it is not to downplay the significance of what is going on around us. The flooding in Queensland is a catastrophe and the situation in the Ukraine certainly does have potential to escalate.

You can bet your bottom dollar they will both be used for maximum political effect in the months ahead.

It will be quite convenient for world leaders to blame inflation, high energy prices, stagnant economies and assorted other woes on everything but their own actions.

They'll be pointing the finger in every direction in the hope that people will ignore the truth and believe even more of their palava.

You can't really blame politicians for coming to that conclusion.

The majority of people have already demonstrated an ovine like capacity to follow the mob down whatever path they are directed to take.

After seeing that preponderance among the public, the political class will now press their advantage for maximum personal gain.

That's why I see some events that politicians don't want to support as the key ingredients to reclaiming our freedoms.

Chief among them will be the use of crypto-currency, more specifically Bitcoin.

The decentralisation of money will change everything in our financial future.

That's why government wants to regulate it and have their own digital currency. Yesterday, I put up an excellent video about why this is actually a terrible idea.

The next positive step will be the development of Web 3.0 which will reduce the centralisation of internet infrastructure to millions of independent nodes across the world.

This will prevent (or severely limit) the ability to cancel ideas, websites or services that are deemed non-compliant with the zeitgeist.

Make no mistake, while distractions and disasters rage around us, the real battle ahead is between centralisation and decentralisation.

Choose wisely because your future will depend on it.

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