Power over Principle

Virtue signalling is often more about the pursuit of power rather than promotion of principle.

Power over Principle

Every week we see new assaults on common sense and personal choice by the do-gooders pushing the PC agenda.

This week it was the outcry over the members of the Australian Club deciding to retain an exclusively male membership.

That fired up long-standing members like Geoff Cousins to quit the club in a demonstration of ‘principle’. It only took him several decades of membership to summon up the courage to quit.

Others, like Malcolm Turnbull, couldn’t locate a principle in their hemp kit bag so they decided to stay put, ostensibly to keep up the fight for fairness within.

It must be why he maintains his membership of the Liberal Party too, given he disagrees with almost everything they do.

Sure, I understand that some people want change and others don’t but as is so often the case with the woke crowd, the harbingers of change dress a simple difference of opinion up as some sort of moral argument.

It’s not. A men only club or a women only club isn’t unfair or grounds for complaint. It’s a celebration of freedom of choice and freedom of association.

If you don’t like it, start your own club for people that share your views, or go and join one that reflects your personal tastes.

Don’t whinge and complain because the majority of members of an institution like the Australian Club are not in favour of changing  their club rules after 183 years.

Actually the whinging by Cousins, Turnbull and the perpetually outraged propaganda outlet their ABC, is more about an assault on an institution rather than rallying to the cause of women’s lib.

That’s why you won’t see them have  have a crack at the Sydney’s exclusive female only Queens Club… where one member was honest enough to say:

“You won’t be hearing any of the ladies agitating to open up membership to men here ... the last thing we want is those old bores taking up the sofas down here uninvited.”

Good on them.

I haven’t seen self-declared ‘lifelong feminist’ Turnbull push for membership of The Women’s Club – another Sydney institution.

Nor has Cousins, the Turnbull family or the ABC scandalised the female only gyms around the country, or the men's shed movement, or the gender segregation in prisons for that matter.

That’s because this grandstanding has nothing to do with gender equality or fairness.

For the public whingers it’s about reinforcing the notion that Australia is a bad place and needs to be reinvented in their image …which is ultimately about giving the entitled whinging class more power and authority.

That’s the message the hard left Marxist Greens Party have been pushing for decades.

At least one of the Turnbull clan was honest about it.

This is what Daisy Turnbull had to say.

“There is so much power tied up in that organisation…And they’ve made an active and very clear choice to exclude women from that power.”

Most sensible people recognise the merit in having free choice in the marketplace for people to be where they are most comfortable.

For some that is a male or female only club. Just like some children thrive in single sex schools while others benefit from a co-ed environment.

It’s not a moral cause...or a matter or good versus evil, right versus wrong. It is about freedom of association and for private associations to run their affairs as they see fit.

Just as others have the freedom to be self-serving hypocrites in their pick and choose PC campaigns, we should have the choice to tell them where to go.

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