News They Didn't Want You to Know

Earlier this week I brought you information that other media in Australia didn’t want you to know.

News They Didn't Want You to Know

It concerned a BLM and radical activist, John Sullivan  who masqueraded as a Trump supporter and was at the epicentre of the riots on capitol hill.  I detailed his violent history and suggested he wasn’t alone in his infiltration.

Sullivan has since been arrested and video evidence of his actions are now widely available.

That means the radical lefts fingerprints are all over these riots and as more evidence comes to light,  the protection racket is kicking in.

Thousands of words are being pumped around the internet saying Sullivan isn’t BLM or Antifa. He was actually a Trumpite all the time and was now only infiltrating these other organisations.

It is more self serving nonsense designed to shut down and hide from you just how complicit the organised left is in orchestrating destruction, mayhem and chaos.

They are the ones who have been looting stores and occupying cities. They are the ones who have been targeting police and people without enough melanin. They are the ones who have been creating havoc for political purposes.

Yet,  it was this show, with me as host, that belled the cat on John Sullivan and his ilk in Australia. You didn’t see it on other networks because they didn’t want you to know.

I did want you to know, because I am not frightened of the truth. Nor should you be. The truth is all that stands between us and total enslavement.

But it’s not good enough to expect the truth to just emerge in its own time. By then it's too late. The lies have captured the narrative and brainwashed the people.

That means We have to actively pursue truth. To look behind what we are told for the real story. Then we have to share it as best we can.

In two weeks, I’ll be launching a new program – BERNARDI –  on Sky News every Friday at 7pm (eastern) and I’ll continue my weekly email newsletter at

And this is my commitment to you.

I will never be frightened of the truth and I will never willingly compromise it.

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