More Questions Than Answers

More Questions Than Answers

After several years of abstinence I got back on the Q&A wagon this week. It was a bit like revisiting your home town after some time away…not much seems to have changed.

There was a left-leaning fill-in host who I thought did a pretty good job, an assortment of left-leaning panellists, a left-leaning audience …and me.

Walking to the studio I was fortunate to meet a few audience members who reminded me I wasn’t alone. One person sang out from their car as they went by…and encouragingly it was a positive comment!

Waiting at the pedestrian lights I met a Year 11 student had asked his father to bring him along. It was so refreshing to meet a young man who understands the problems we are facing and knows we cannot allow them to go unchecked.

So upon entering the lion’s den I knew there were at least three supporters!

My fellow panellists were a couple of red and blue team pollies, a comedian and a newspaper editor who settled a defamation action I brought against his publication a couple of years ago.

As the famous Yogi Berra said “It was like déjà vu all over again” and not hard to anticipate where it was heading!

It was all very predictable and the audience jeered because I dare to work cooperatively with the political bête noir of the moment, David Leyonhjelm whilst also highlighting the hypocrisy of Sarah Hanson-Young.

I was admonished for stating the biological fact that same sex couples can’t reproduce and earned howls of disapproval for saying that Barack Obama did more to fuel racial division than any other recent US President.

In circumstances like this it isn’t the facts that matter but whether you’re playing the favourite soundbites to Q and A’s left-wing audience.

Hence I made few friends by calling out the dishonesty of Hillary Clinton and supporting the Trump agenda of lower taxes, deregulation, stronger borders and trade deals that work for your country’s interest.

There were a few Trump supporters in the audience but none (other than me) on the panel.

So too there were few small government people on the panel. As they competed to be the biggest socialist in the room, we were told that taxes needed to be higher, wages higher, government bigger and that individuals basically couldn’t be trusted with personal responsibility.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to tackle many of the issues that need to be discussed – immigration, energy, the tyranny of political correctness, the danger of identity politics or why we need to defend our values and our culture.

That said, after the show it was all back to business as usual.

To the leftist activist I am supposedly still the homophobic, transphobic, racist, dinosaur, God-bothering bigot that they need to justify their refusal to confront facts instead of pejorative slurs.

To the rest of us, I am just speaking the truth and applying some common sense in a sea of collectivist insanity.

Until next week.

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