‘Mindless masses’ have turned on Israel

The latest craze to consume the crazed leftists is to support the enemies of Israel. With their chants and slogans, these mid-wits are supporting terrorists.

‘Mindless masses’ have turned on Israel
Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash

Cory Bernardi has blasted the “mindless masses” for turning on Israel.

Mr Bernardi’s comments come amid mass protests in support of Palestine and a rise in anti-Semitism across the globe.

“The rent-a-crowd protest movement has made a new market for Palestinian flags they wave while chanting genocidal slogans about the Jews,” Mr Bernardi said.

“Moves to suppress the response of the Jewish state to the heinous acts of terrorism by the elected government of Gaza are being led by the anti-Semitic tribe at the United Nations.

“These are the same globalists who want to control the world through an unelected supra-national governance.”

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