Menace to Democracy

It’s time to bring the gold-collared superclass crashing back down to Earth. Here's your daily news digest for 27 January 2023.

Menace to Democracy
Photo by Nikhil Mitra / Unsplash
The WEF is a menace to democracy
It’s time to bring the gold-collared superclass crashing back down to Earth.


More Like Oz Day Than Not
That a commanding majority of Australians still support our national day despite years of unrelenting attacks reveals the deep and enduring commitment we have to our nation and values...
The Lessons of a Life Worth Recounting – Quadrant Online
Adani’s Queensland coalmine cited in US investor’s claims of ‘biggest con in corporate history’ | Business | The Guardian
Scathing allegations, which company rejects as ‘baseless’, will hamper access to Wall Street but surging coal price will ease burden, experts say


Britain’s asylum crisis | The Spectator Australia
Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, 21, an Afghan convicted this week of murdering a man in Bournemouth last year, had previously murdered two men in Serbia. He had also been caught drug-dealing in Italy.
A Dollar Collapse Is Now In Motion – Saudi Arabia Signals The End Of Petro Status -
By Brandon Smith The decline of a currency’s world reserve status is often a long process rife with denials. There...
Muslim leaders call for a boycott against Sweden | Free West Media
The Muslim educational institution al-Azhar University in Cairo has called on all the world’s Muslims to boycott Sweden. Al-Azhar University is the premier Sunni Muslim institution of learning in the world and enjoys widespread respect among the world’s 1,5 billion Muslims.

Business, Finance & Investment

Quick Bites | Eurozone bounces back - Clime Investment Management
Today’s quick bite has a brief look at the turnaround in sentiment regarding the Eurozone economy.
Strategic Tactics for Growing a Business in Tough Times
“When the going gets tough, the tough get growing” – and that’s exactly what online businesses need to do in difficult times. Whether it’s a recession, a pandemic, or just a challenging market, businesses need to be strategic in order to survive and thrive. But scaling your business during the goo…
Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD is expected to rally further – Credit Suisse
Os Tuesday, Gold XAU/USD registered its highest daily close since April. Strategists at Credit Suisse expect the yellow metal to enjoy further gains.


Timeline: The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 ⋆ Brownstone Institute
This timeline compiles numerous sources in an effort to covey the backstory of the enormously influential article.
Bill Gates wants to stop cows from burping & farting in latest investment – Funds Australian-based company to reduce livestock emissions
By Kristen Altus If you didn’t think that solving how to stop cows from burping is a million-dollar idea, well, Bill Gates apparently does. The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire has reportedly …
What If the Davos Agenda Has Already Been Defeated? | The Libertarian Institute
In November 2021 I wrote a piece entitled “Have We Finally Reached Peak Davos?” This article was scarily spot on. When you’ve written as much as I have over the past five years, however, it’s easy to look back and point at how prescient you were. Even if you’ve gotten…

Crypto & Blockchain

Arizona Senator Introduces Bill To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender In The State
A bill introduced by Sen. Wendy Rogers reflects growing interest in bitcoin from U.S. states.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Ripple Hits New UNL Decentralization Milestone
And the XRP Ledger recently reached this major decentralization milestone. Ripple is now down to one validator on published UNLs.


Tucker Carlson Asks Questions About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death in Prison, Bill Barr’s Explanations Don’t Add Up - The Last Refuge
For his opening monologue tonight, Fox New host Tucker Carlson asks questions about the death of Jeffrey Epstein in question. Carlson walks through the series of events and comments by then Attorney General Bill Barr that no longer seem to add up. WATCH: . Mr. Carlson has been asking a lot of unc…

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