Lies and Lefty Lunacy

Here's Cory's opening editorial from last nights Paul Murray Live program.

Lies and Lefty Lunacy
Photo by Tobias Schmücker / Unsplash

Lefty Lies

What is it about the left and the need to lie?

Maybe you think lie is too strong a word but whether you call it dissemination, misinformation, over-egging the pudding or whatever, there seems to be a constant need to not reflect the truth in their words and actions.

They can also be incredibly vile in their abuse of others but rarely are held to the same standards that non-leftists are.

When they are caught out, the mainstream media usually gives them a leave pass.

That’s either because they are part of the ‘in crowd’ or because they consider their cause a morally virtuous one.

For the in crowd, lefties like Lisa Wilkinson can manufacture false anecdotes for their autobiography and still be considered a rational voice.

You can even subvert the right to a fair trial and rather than be charged or pilloried, your employer can send you off to Hollywood for a few celebrity interviews.

Then we have celebrity political liars.

The likes of Jussie Smollet who faked a homophobic and racial attack on himself to get some attention and boost his career. He received public support from a who’s who of the lefty community including Naomi Campbell and Ellen Degeneres.

Lefty politicians are among the worst.

There is no alarmism they aren’t prepared to fuel in order to further their pet cause.

Think climate change and the outrageous claims of how there are only days to act until it’s too late. How the seas could rise and swallow us all or how the polar bears are becoming extinct. I could go on.

The Greens are the very worst in this space.

They continually contradict themselves, hold others to different standards of account and are repeatedly caught not telling the truth. It’s like a pre-requisite for preselection in that vile Marxist party.

But they aren’t alone. There is a global solidarity among the lying left.

Think of the rubbish peddled about Donald Trump or the excuses made for Joe Biden’s incompetence – here and abroad – just for some political advantage.

Today we say another couple of examples of how the left elites will manipulate almost any cause to fool you.

The perpetrators were US leftist politicians Alexandria Occasio-Cortes and Ilhan Ohmar.

Here they are protesting against the US constitution and pretending to be handcuffed while being escorted away from the scene.

Note the invisible handcuffs as AOC raises her fist in solidarity.


Ohmar’s staff even lied by confirming to reporters that she was in handcuffs.

While this happened in America, the left lies are a global phenomenon.

It begs the question, if their pet causes are so frightening for humanity, if their actions are so morally superior, why do they feel the need to overstate their case or manufacture falsehoods to support it?

Maybe it's because their claims simply don’t stack up in the first place?

Aboriginal Turf War

I don’t think we are ever going to resolve the continuing turf wars among some Aboriginal people.

For all the talk of treaties and voices to parliament, our focus should be on resolving the health and wellbeing challenges in some Aboriginal communities.

Few seem focussed on that instead wanting all manner of symbolism to make themselves feel better rather than bettering the lives of those in desperate need.

The latest stoush is the ownership of Sydney Harbour's historic Goat Island.

It's set to be handed to the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council after a $43 million investment by taxpayers. I’m not sure what that money is going to be sent on but  it probably represents the same value for taxpayers as a $25 million flagpole.

Anyway, according to Ash Walker, a member of the La Perouse Aboriginal community, Goat Island is going to the wrong people.

The primary objection is the metropolitan land council is controlled by ‘foreigners’ – those who came to Sydney from other areas and have no cultural connection to the land.

Mr Walker said:

“Being a member of an Aboriginal land council doesn’t mean that you speak for that country.

Cultural authority is derived from the connection of an Aboriginal person to their country, not from NSW government legislation."

One the other side of the coin, a land council spokesman said:

“As of today, not one person has been proven to be verified traditional custodian or owner or descendant.

I feel very sad for these people who run on hysteria and sometimes what we call absolute Goona, which is our word for shit, rather than getting informed.

So for people that claim that Metro land council members somehow aren’t connected to Sydney, they might choke on their own Goona very shortly when this process is finished.”

So let me be clear, I don’t have a dog in this fight.

There’s no real interest in what happens to Goat Island from my perspective but if we cannot give a piece of land to a bunch of people without creating a stoush, if we can’t lift a small number of Australians out of abject poverty and provide them with life expectancies on par with the rest of us, what the heck are we doing entertaining he thought of a voice to parliament or a bunch of treaties and the like.

Maybe we should get the basics right before setting our sights on making changes without any detail and that once implemented, cannot be undone.

Little Charlie

Terrible revelations in South Australia today.

A six year old girl, Charlie died of suspected neglect after being found unresponsive in her family’s home last Friday. Officially the cause of death s malnutrition – an inexcusable circumstance in this day and age.

To make matters worse, four SA government agencies has contact with the family – including the Department of Child Protection, the Department of Education and the Department of Human Services.

Apparently the last contact was just two weeks before this beautiful little girl died. It was just one of more than 500 case notes about the family since February 2021.

Again, how does this come about in Australia in 2022?

It’s not like there aren’t enough agencies, bureaucrats and resources available to protect children.

It’s not as if there isn’t enough welfare available to keep children fed, clothed and housed.

This little girl was supposed to be at school. If she wasn’t there alarm bells should have been ringing. If she was at school, an emaciated and malnourished  child should also have triggered concerns.

Maybe they did, and then what was done about it? Over 500 case notes and still a child dies. Now Charlie’s  five siblings, aged from eight to 15, are all in state care.

That too, is a terrible circumstance but they’re much better off than little Charlie, for whom this interaction was too late.

Again, how is it, for all the money and programs we fund,  we can’t even get the basics right in this country?

Protecting children, educating children and keeping them alive has to be the most elemental part of a civilised society.

Our failure to do so is a failure of our humanity.

Left vs Left

There’s always a bit of schadenfreude when I see left v left causes.

That’s a German word meaning ‘joy over some harm or misfortune suffered by another.

Now I wish ill upon no man, but when the competing virtues of lefties sees them attacking each other, I can’t help but smile.

And that’s the circumstances we see now between the climate change zealots and the animal rights activists.

Both are pursuing some wholistic earth worship and have their sights set on the agricultural sector.

The carbon neutral mob loathe the livestock that release methane that’s supposedly cooking the planet. This has some farmers pushing back.

Those in Norway are protesting their govt plans to eliminate 30% of agriculture to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Dutch farmers have also taken to the streets over their govt plans to slash the use of chemical inputs and reduce livestock numbers.

Even Northern Ireland is considering eliminating one million cattle and sheep to meet their 2050 emissions target.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU), estimates more than 500,000 cattle and about 700,000 sheep would need to be lost in order for Northern Ireland to meet the new climate targets.

Separate analysis by the UK government’s climate advisers suggests chicken numbers would also need to be cut by 5 million by 2035.

This is where it gets interesting.

See the animal rights activists don’t want to see livestock farming either.

They see a meatless world of vegans where we all live in harmony with our animal equals. They  also want to save the planet from the fire and brimstone future of failing net zero.

But that means killing millions of animals rather than letting them live out their days in a modern day Garden of Eden.

What a terrible conundrum, fight to save humanity ( which many leftists consider to be a cancer on the planet) or protect the right to life of cows, sheep, horses and chickens?

You can only imagine how torn these poor leftists must feel right now.

Here’s something that might focus their attention for a millisecond or two…hunger!

The World bank estimates that in 2021, over 193 million people became food insecure. That was 40 million more than in 2020. Most expect this trend to continue.

Nothing sharpens the indulged mind like missing a meal or three and that might encourage the mindless militants back to some sense of reality.

If not, while they are battling each other, perhaps they’ll leave the rest of us alone.


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