It’s time to drain the swamp

It’s time to drain the swamp

The news that extreme environmental activism in Australia is being funded by international groups with links to the Clinton campaign should set alarm bells ringing.

These groups appear to have misused their domestic tax-deductible status and green credentials to engage in a shameless political campaign designed to damage our national interest by shutting down the Adani coal mine. Their financial (and other) links to the US Democratic campaign machine demonstrates what the agenda of a Clinton presidency might really have in store, irrespective of her campaign statements.

For this exposé and for many other insights into the Left’s political agenda, we have WikiLeaks to thank. Without them, the dishonest and co-ordinated global movement driving the Leftist agenda might only be tinfoil hat territory. Instead, the culprits are exposed and convicted by their own words.

The Clinton campaign has described Catholics as “backward”, taken big money from misogynist governments whilst professing to support women, organised campaign violence and colluded to breach campaign finance laws. All of this is now a matter of record – and yet much of the mainstream media refuse to openly criticise those involved.

It truly is welfare of the political elites, where the supposed servants of the people instead consider themselves their masters.

This status is not exclusive to US politics or Australian green extremism. Domestically, our Human Rights Commission seems terminally compromised, our educational system has been infiltrated with an activist agenda and at least one politician has had their private bills paid by a foreign government.

It seems that many top-level international institutions have also been captured by the statists. Having spent the past six weeks observing the United Nations, I’ve seen plenty of evidence for myself.

Few nations seem willing to stand in the path of the progressive juggernaut as it marches relentlessly forward – at least publicly. According to some insiders, those that do are subject to strong lobbying to reconsider, lest their aid or status be compromised.

It’s as if the entire system is working against the regular person and for vested-interests.

Even the multi-billionaire funder of the Left agenda, George Soros, is recorded in the minutes of his Open Society Foundations as saying “he believes that the rise of money in politics endangers our democracy”. He should know.

It’s his money behind so many of the activist campaigns globally – he is the founding money behind Australia’s Getup! and goodness knows how many other similar outfits. One media outlet disclosed he even secretly paid the salaries of four staffers in the then-Moldovan Prime Minister’s office.

We are right to ask just how deep and how far does this shaping of our democracy go. It seems that money and media can now determine the outcomes of elections, business investments, our social standards and the freedom of self-determination.

It’s a cesspit that we are wise to be wary of, but it is also something we need to fix. As Donald Trump has said, “it’s time to drain the swamp”.

We just need more people in positions of influence willing to pull the plug.

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