Hate Crime Hoaxes

The growing epidemic of hate crime hoaxes is designed to undermine our society. Time for more politicians to call it out.

Hate Crime Hoaxes
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Considering all the doom and gloom we hear about, the Western world is still a good place to live.

However, despite our civilisation's proven success, many within the system demonstrate an enthusiasm for tearing down what has been built by generations of lived human experience.

They target our institutions and history while undermining national respect for our success.

These wreckers seek to sow the seeds of discontent in our community by fostering division and envy. They encourage victimhood and perpetuate the 'fairness' doctrine.

Fairness is just another misnamed euphemism for socialism.

The success of capitalist societies has been brought about by equal opportunity and unequal outcomes.

Yes, we know that formula isn't perfect, as being born wealthy, smarter, taller, or better in whatever way may give you an advantage in some realm or another.

But the system is still open for the benefit of all.

However, our politicians and other do-gooders want to bring everyone back to a 'level playing field'. That doesn't mean lifting everyone up; it means dragging the successful down.

They do so by targeting whatever perceived advantage they can identify in others.

It may be your white skin colour, your reproductive organs, how much money you earn, the job you hold or even your political views.

Demands for more tax on the 'rich' to prop up irresponsible welfare programs usually top the list. I'd wager that these advocates don't realise that in Australia, 31.5% of taxes paid are borne by just 3.5% of taxpayers.

But social engineering through financial engineering isn't the extent of the radical agenda.

There are ever-growing calls for a return to racial, gender and sexual preference discrimination to promote more 'equality'.

Make no mistake; this type of discrimination is just as wrong as any other type. Maybe it's worse because it is cloaked in a veil of righteousness.

The advocates believe themselves to be more moral than their opponents, which gives them a 'license' to do the most despicable things. They will lie and cheat to make their point. When caught, they aren't held accountable like others, mainly because their 'intentions were right'.

We see repeated instances of 'hate crime hoaxes', with the most recent being an Australian university lecturer sending herself fake abusive letters and even a pair of her underwear to pretend she is a target of the haters!

Then there are even more extreme hoaxes like that concocted by actor Jussie Smollett. He paid a couple of other actors to stage a supposed racist and homophobic attack on him for publicity purposes.

His lies were dutifully reported worldwide without question until the police investigated and flagged the fabrication.

After his exposure, Smollett sued the city of Chicago, alleging he was the victim of 'mass public ridicule and harm'. He even argued he should not be made to reimburse the city for the cost of the investigation of his hate crime hoax!

That's the insane world of the woke equality brigade.

They want others to pick up the tab for their ridiculous social welfare experiment and also want to be compensated when it all goes so wrong.

You could count on one hand the Australian politicians who have been prepared to call out this growing threat to our way of life. It's much easier for them to go along or remain silent lest they become a target.

And that silence (or cowardice) is a massive threat to our way of life.

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