Fool the West

It seems only the West can be fooled so easily. Here's your daily news digest for 30 June 2023.

Fool the West
Photo by Torsten Dederichs / Unsplash
Immigrant Parents Protest Maryland Public Schools’ Woke Sex Ed
Religiously conservative Muslim and Christian immigrants want to break up with Democrats over sex ed in public schools.


Palaszczuk denies claim Brisbane will be renamed | The Spectator Australia
Social media went crazy yesterday afternoon when 4BC host Peter Gleeson casually mentioned that there were plots afoot to change Brisbane’s name to something Indigenous before the 2032 Olympics.
Ben Roberts-Smith agrees to pay media outlets’ legal costs over failed defamation case
Commonwealth seeks access to evidence gathered during the defamation trial to use in ongoing war crimes investigations, federal court hears
Overregulation In Western Australia’s Agricultural Sector
Farmers in Western Australia are not immune to the economic challenges facing the nation today. These challenges include inflation, labour shortages, red tape, and low private investment. And these challenges are felt more acutely when industries are overregulated.


Hamas in Sweden
The European Palestinians Conference, held in Malmö, Sweden on May 27, had clear and strong connections with Hamas.... When the Swedish media wrote about the connection between the European Palestinians Conference and Hamas, however, MPs, one by one,
China opens its doors to the world by kicking off its first in-person ‘Summer Davos’ since the pandemic
China has opened its doors to over 1,500 top government and business officials as it hosts the first in-person WEF event since the pandemic started.
Wednesday is Not the First Time Joe Biden Confused Ukraine and Iraq
Joe Biden managed to mix up Ukraine and Iraq on Wednesday, and it wasn’t the first time that he has done so.

Business, Finance & Investment

Bud Light To Permanently Lose Nearly 25% Of Its Business: Analysts
“Budweiser will also see a similar pattern, with consumers lost in 2022 not coming back...”
Revenge of the Variable-Rate Commercial Debts | Wolf Street


“Pride” Is A Thinly Veiled Color Revolution To Destroy Western Civilization -
By Brandon Smith The term “color/colour revolution” is often associated with covert efforts among US and European interests to foment…
Test Scores Say Students Are Failing, but We Are Failing Them | National Review
School choice enables parents to escape failing schools. Pennsylvania lawmakers can choose to support that — or to stymie it.
Pete Davidson Enters Rehab For Mental Health Issues | The Daily Wire
Comedian Pete Davidson has reportedly entered rehab due to ongoing struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD. Page Six reported that Davidson is being treated at facility in Pennsylvania where entertainer John Mulaney has sought help for substance abuse. “Anyone who knows Pete knows th…

Crypto & Blockchain

Ex-Genesis CEO Michael Moro to Head Crypto Derivatives Exchange Startup
Ankex, a non-custodial exchange with a centralized order book, is being spun out of crypto custody firm Qredo, which Moro joined in January.
Crypto Wars: Caged Beasts and Wall St Memes On Their Way To Becoming As Iconic As Dogecoin
It seems like the summer of 2023 could see the return of the meme coin craze as the market has
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IRS Whistleblower: ‘Misnomer’ to Say Hunter Paid Taxes, Thanks to Deal, Some Can’t Be Recovered
During an interview with the Fox News Channel aired on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Special Report,” IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley said it’s a “misnomer” to | Clips

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