First They Came for the Rich

The new assault on superannuation uses the politics of envy to engorge big government. If they succeed, it won't be long before they chase the rest of us.

First They Came for the Rich
Photo by Joe Darams / Unsplash

I like trying to read the political tea leaves.

Much like a Gypsy fortune teller, politicians are mostly more interested in your money than the truth. However, knowing that allows an experienced head to see the path ahead before it becomes clear to the broader public.

And just like the soothsayers gazing into their portal of choice, the politicians always have an eye on the next election.

The next election is why the digital ID is 'non-compulsory'.

The government knows most people don't care enough about it, and given it was initially the Opposition's idea, they won't make an electoral fuss over it.

Just like taxation bracket creep, it'll apply to more and more services over time until you'll have to have one to live like a normal human being in this country.

I suspect it will be the same if the superannuation changes get through in the next few sitting weeks.

We could discuss how successive governments have continued to tinker with Super despite repeated promises not to, but that's not the main game.

We know political promises are always designed to be broken, but when politicians tinker with our nation's underlying principles, there's big trouble ahead.

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