Facts Don't Matter

Facts Don't Matter

It can be hard to comprehend the thought processes of the contemporary ‘activist’. They use neither logic nor reason in their proclamations. Facts don’t matter and words can mean whatever they want them to. So blithely unconcerned are they with the consequences of their demands that they have become dangerous fantasists; a collective of Walter Mitty characters whose dreams are unpunctuated by reality.

We saw elements of their absurdity on the final day in the Senate. A naïve and irresponsible crossbench teamed up with Labor and the Greens to begin to dismantle Australia’s border protection laws.

Naturally, this was cloaked as moral superiority, claiming compassion for the sick children stuck on Nauru.

Forgotten are the 50,000 illegals who arrived by boat under Labor and the Greens’ stewardship of our borders. Their compassion apparently doesn’t extend to the thousands who died under the lure of their policy pull.

They claimed the changes would only allow sick children to come to Australia for medical care but this is a complete lie. Not only would the ‘sick’ be brought here but so would their siblings, parents and relatives.

I must also point out that a previously diagnosed ‘grievously ill’ patient was actually suffering from constipation!

Last week, as part of the same debate, I moved amendments to prohibit child molesters and violent offenders from being brought to Australia. Labor, the Greens, Derryn Hinch and others all voted against it.

When this was pointed out to Senator Hinch, he even denied doing so, despite being told exactly what he was doing during the actual division.

The rank hypocrisy of the ‘faux warrior for justice’ voting against prohibiting paedophiles from entering the country sums up the delusional leftist virtue signallers.

So concerned are they with their grandiose plans for rewiring the world they ignore the important details and any inconvenient facts.

Leftist Progressivism is a contagious and dangerous form of delusion that seeks to consume every last shred of common sense and common decency in the world.

This type of experimental politics will continue to have grave implications for our future.

This brave new world has already effectively removed basic biology from society. Your genes no longer determine your gender or race.

Moves are afoot for compelled speech, so if you use the wrong pronoun in addressing someone, you can be charged. Cigarettes, fast food and alcohol are bad but dope, pill testing and safe places to shoot up are all good ideas.

The benefits of work are overrated compared with the benefits dispensed by government. Sixteen-year-olds are smart enough to vote but not smart enough to take responsibility for themselves.

This is just the tip of the spear.

We are slowly being impaled by a relentless movement that is committed to destroying our way of life and our social mores. While this is a deliberate agenda for some, many are seduced along by the ‘vibe’ or co-opted through fear of consequences of challenging the zeitgeist.

Disappointingly, too many entrusted with important decision-making on your behalf have demonstrated willful ignorance in carrying out those duties.

The final day of parliament was an insight into just how much logic and common sense remains in your parliament. We should all be disappointed.

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