Ego and Pomposity

The display of public policy virtue is a one-sided expression of arrogance and self-declared moral superiority.

Ego and Pomposity
Photo by Orkun Azap / Unsplash

I love prompting robust and considerate discussions.

It proves that people can have a difference of opinion and still be respectful of one another.

That's what happened yesterday on the Confidential website, thanks to this post.

It got keyboards clicking and ideas whirring, precisely what should happen within any community.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works in today's society.

Instead, one side of the debate claims a moral right to hold a view and a contrary perspective is deemed evil or immoral.

While not exclusively so, the 'virtue' card is most often played by the political Left.

They are the ones who expect everyone to accept their opinion as the right one. They feel empowered to display their banners and placards in public forums without reproach. Yet they will abuse, condemn and attack the other side who seek to do the same.

We can see it today with the referendum campaign.

Stores and homes have their 'Yes' signs on display, not to convince others how to vote but more as a sign of their moral superiority.

In a biblical sense, it's like the temple donors making a big show of their tithe to prove how Godly they are.

Both are no sign of virtue or moral standing. Instead, they are signs of ego and pomposity.

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