Don't Say You Weren't Warned

The evidence of Islamic extremists living and lurking in our communities has been abundant. but few in public life are willing to expose the poison at work within.

Don't Say You Weren't Warned
Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

The words most people hate to hear are "I told you so."

They smack of smugness and triumphalism as the utterer seeks to elevate themselves over another.

However, there are occasions where these words should be used. Now is one of them.

In saying that, it gives me no joy at having been the canary in the political coal mine warning about some of the dangers lurking within our society.

Those warnings came with a heavy price, as the cultural relativists insisted that there were no links between one particular political and religious ideology and terrorism.

I regret, the price of ignoring the prescient words will cost us even more dearly.

During my days as a politician I repeatedly raised concerns about the influence of Islam in our nation. Here's just one example.

Cory Bernardi says ‘we need to talk about Islam’, insults Muslims with offensive graphic
Cory Bernardi’s party responded to the London attack by surveying its members about their views on Islam.

The intent behind these public exposes, was to highlight how the medieval Islamic political and religious doctrines are wholly incompatible with Western values and social mores.

I was concerned as to why we were making accommodations for Sharia (Islamic) law within our legal code or excusing alien cultural practices that encroached on quintessential Australian values.

It was clear that this clash of cultures would cause problems in the future.

Despite the evidence, the warnings were dismissed as alarmism.

Even when Muslim nutcases rioted in Sydney over a Youtube film, the apologists remained steadfast in their support.

You may remember this appalling image from that 2012 glimpse under the true nature of Islamic tolerance.

Safe ... a mother takes a photo of her boy holding up a sign at Saturday's Islamic protests in Sydney.

A couple of years later we had the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney.

Then we had the global experience with ISIS and their supporters seeking to recreate the Caliphate.

More warnings. More excuses.

A short time after that, it was exposed that Australian aid money, sent to Palestine was being used to support Hamas. It was also disclosed that a number of Islamic charities were identified as aiding other terror organisations.

Some of these 'charities' were being supported through the extortionate practice of halal certification (use the Confidential Daily search function to read more).

Still, the warnings were dismissed as conspiracy theories by politicians and media alike.

Despite that ignorant assurance, the issues haven't gone away.

After the appalling terrorist invasion of Israel last weekend, the jihadist cockroaches have emerged again, gathering in public squares to cheer on the killing of innocents.

Here's one mob gathered at the Sydney Opera House chanting 'Gas the Jews'.


It prompted on wag to ask why, in Australia "referring to someone by their biological sex is a hate crime but celebrating the kidnap, rape and murder of Jewish people isn’t?"

Unfortunately these Sydney muslims weren't the only ones cheering on the atrocities in Israel. It happened across the country and the world.

And still the truly stupid non-muslims carried on their defence of the indefensible.

Here's an example of just how naive (or brain dead) some people are - homosexuals in America cheering on the ideology that condemns them to death.

I regret that things will have to get worse before they get better.

Despite the appalling behaviour, the talking heads discussing recent events condition every statement about these being a tiny minority on Muslims.

That may be true but they are inspired by the words of their book and the deeds of their prophet.

Need we be reminded that it only takes a tiny minority of zealots to make many more complicit by silence and cower in fear.

That's what seems to have gripped Australia.

Jews were warned to stay away from the lighting up of the Opera House with the Israeli flag while one man was arrested a man for carrying an Israeli flag in the street because it might spur muslims into a violent reaction.


How is that the right response to a bunch of devils clinging to stone-age thinking in a modern world?

It's time to ask your local politician what they intend to do about it. Perhaps you could even give them some ideas.

Let me know what, if any response you receive.

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