Desperate for a Demon

The West is desperate for a demon to distract the people. The propaganda arm of politics are busy creating what they need.

Desperate for a Demon
Photo by Kayla Velasquez / Unsplash

The United States government is getting more desperate by the day.

The Biden administration have created such a slew of domestic problems they are desperately looking for distractions.

If they can't find them, they seem intent on creating them.

My personal view is that they are deliberately using the war in the Ukraine as something to divert attention from the cause of their domestic problems.

In the process, they are also seeking to create an external threat or enemy on which to focus the American peoples attention. COVID looks to have run its course of fear and so a new devil is needed.

The new threat is Vladimir Putin. That's why they are blaming his actions as the cause of inflation and oil prices.

It's not true. Biden's spending and money printing coupled with green zealotry are the driving force behind both.

That's not to suggest that Putin is a good guy. He's a dictator with an expansionist view of Russia's future.

However, the false claims put forward by the United States via the media about the Ukrainian conflict are simply propaganda. Some of it more brazen than others.

In recent weeks, we've read about dozens of Russian Generals killed only to see them reappear alive and well. There's media outrage over civilian buildings being targeted only to discover they were hiding Ukrainian military forces.

It's why I constantly remind people you cannot believe anything you are told by government or the media.

There is always an agenda that is designed to benefit their interests rather than yours.

Dishonesty is why the Hunter Biden laptop story was dismissed by intelligence officials, media and politicians back in 2020 as a Russian hoax and misinformation.

Now it has been acknowledged as true - despite the shameless coverup by Democratic insiders and their external apparatus.

That's another reason the USA needs an external distraction.

The laptop not only shows the President's son as a dubious businessman, crackhead and pervert, it paints a picture of high level corruption within the Biden family.

It might help explain how someone like Joe Biden became so wealthy despite never earning much as a career politician.

Sure, he doesn't own a network of opaque offshore companies like the Ukrainian President and Russian Oligarchs, but he's still got plenty.

Not content with one devil, the US is now also turning their sights on President Xi of China.

Again, Xi is not a good guy. He is another dictator but that didn't stop the Biden family from doing dodgy deals with the Communist Party he leads.

Secretary Blinken announced a new raft of visa sanction on Chinese officials. The official reason given was:

"We are committed to defending human rights around the world and will continue to use all diplomatic and economic measures to promote accountability."

It's hard to accept a sudden attack of conscience after years of being in business with the 'enemy'. It's far more likely a product of China refusing to denounce Russia and impose sanctions that are devastating the lives of the Russian people.

Last year I wrote that the only nations resisting the call of the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset to form global government were China and Russia.

Their lack of conformity in pursuing global climate change policies or woking up their society has made them targets.

They are easy targets too based on their autocratic rule and global beligerrance.

That's why the likes of global puppeteer George Soros is quoted as saying he hopes "both leaders can be destroyed before they destroy our civilisation."

In my mind, no one has done more to undermine Western civilisation than Soros himself and he is always part of the global game.

We no longer enjoy free speech, we are subject to cancel culture. Governments can freeze our assets without real cause and the lies we are fed matches every bit of CCP propaganda.

It's easy to conclude we are now the subjects of a global misinformation campaign that has replaced a coronavirus with one dictator or another.

Accordingly, you are wise to question everything you are being told.

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