Build Back Better

Build Back Better is the benign sounding slogan behind a push for global socialism. Don't be fooled, it is dangerous to your wealth and independence.

Build Back Better

Do you every feel that the world has gone mad? I know I do.

There is a stream of insanity that permeates and corrupts our culture with such persistence that resistance seems futile.

It’s as if everything that our society was built on is being deliberately dismantled so it can be rebuilt in another image.

That process could even become a catchy slogan. Maybe something like ‘Build back better’.

Ah ha! That’s it.  Build back better. It sounds so positive and optimistic that everyone is bound to love it and we can all live in harmony.

The problem is that there is already a campaign formed around Build Back Better, and like every lefty agenda, the innocuous sounding words are simply cover for their intentions.

We’ve seen it before in their previous campaigns when the radical agenda was masked by nodding platitudes – black lives matter, marriage equality, climate change, green new deal, safe schools…they were all very clever marketing slogans designed to mask their radical foundations.

The Building back better agenda is the culmination of their efforts to date and is an omnibus offensive designed to radically change how we live our lives.

Don’t take my word for it. The World Economic Forum – the group behind the BBB agenda – makes it very clear.

To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism

To build back better, we will have to reinvent capitalism
The pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities - but it also offers us a chance to shape a greener, more resilient and more equitable world. Here’s how.

Their website tells us we need to reset and that a green recovery is vital to create more resilient economies and foster equality and sustainable outcomes.

They want business to align with the natural, social and economic systems on which they depend…to drive equitable and sustainable growth, and reinvent capitalism itself.

That sounds an awful lot like global socialism to me. I mean, boring old capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any government program ever has. It provides jobs, sustains billions of people wheras governments have only proven to mismanage almost everything they touch.

But these socialist overlords will have you believe that business is the problem rather than government. If only we decarbonised, used ‘green’ stimulus measures and had more government regulation everything would be just fine.

According to the Triple B rated Great Reset, Covid-19 has been the great awakening for us all. It’s the planets way of teaching us a lesson about the evils of free markets and capitalist enterprise.

They expect you to forget that Covid-19 was a Chinese govt lab experiment unleashed on the world, that the terror instilled in the populace was entirely generated by government and that overreaction has done more damage than this virus ever will.

Let me make it clear. Whenever you hear the phrase Build Back Better you need to know that those uttering it are full of Bull Dust

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