Broken Vows

Broken Vows

I have been on the road again this week gathering insights and information ahead of parliament resuming. There are so many significant issues that need addressing but all the media chatter is about redefining marriage.

It’s been led by a group of self-interested MPs and Senators who have been supported in their backroom plans by some senior government ministers.

In effect, these ministers have been plotting to undermine their own government and deny the Australian people a say on the matter.

My position on marriage is crystal clear and I don’t need to re-state it here. Many self-identified conservatives have a different view and it is one area where allies can agree to disagree.

However, the intriguing issue is how some members of the executive government have been collaborating to undermine their own policy position.

How far have we fallen into the abyss of relativism when a government cannot even trust themselves? How can any of us have faith in our decision makers under such circumstances?

We have seen repeated cases where whatever some politicians say publicly may not be the same as their agenda advanced behind closed doors (or in public bars late at night). This is a level of egoism and hubris that has damaged faith in politics and shrouded all politicians under a fog of distrust.

It will be particularly challenging to restore confidence in the system given the sustained behaviours of the two major parties.

One way we can do so is to actually focus on the important issues rather than be distracted by third-order matters.

A report this week indicated what Australian Conservatives have been talking about since we started. Our country has been going backwards over the past ten years and most of the reason can be traced back to government decisions.

It seems an increasing number are waking up to the fact that government is no longer an ally of the people but an impediment to freedom and prosperity. Every government ‘fix’ creates more problems which entails a further ‘fix’ which only creates further problems… and on and on it goes.

Last week at a meeting in Sydney I asked a group of people if they trusted the government. Of the more than 450 in attendance, not one raised their hand.

That begs the question: if you don’t trust the government why do you want more of it?

Australian Conservatives know that the best form of government is self-government. We need to trust the people to make decisions for themselves and in return expect them to take personal responsibility for those decisions. That is a better way.

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