Booming Trade

While we worry about pronouns, the East marches forward. Here's your daily news digest for 11 May 2023.

Booming Trade
Photo by Kurt Cotoaga / Unsplash
Russia-China trade booming – data
Economic cooperation between Moscow and Beijing has remained strong despite Western pressure, customs data shows


Labor’s hydrogen pledge a ‘great start’ but more needed to become global player, experts say
Australian Hydrogen Council welcomes $2bn funding but MP Sophie Scamps calls it ‘a drop in the ocean’ compared with US
Glimpses of Life in a Remote Aboriginal Community – Quadrant Online
Peter Dutton says budget surplus is courtesy of previous government
The Opposition Leader commends the Albanese government on the budget but says they inherited a “good set of figures”.


Why Saudi Arabia wants to be a peacemaker in the Middle East | The Spectator Australia
The Middle East, etched into the Western psyche as a region prone to conflict, economic malaise and geopolitical rivalry, is now awash in a frenzy of diplomatic activity. Much of the action is…
How Imran Khan’s populism has divided Pakistan and put it on a knife’s edge
The supporters of Pakistan’s populist former leader have been seething with anger since his arrest on corruption allegations.
Putin Says the West Has Unleashed a ‘Real War’ on Russia in Victory Day Speech | The Libertarian Institute
President Vladimir Putin declared that all of Russia is united in support of its troops, claiming they face a “real war” intended to “destroy” their country during his annual Victory Day speech in Moscow’s Red Square on Tuesday. Celebrated on May 9 in Russia, Victory Day is the country’s yearly…

Business, Finance & Investment

Global Move to End Reliance on US Dollar Underway, With Nations Buying Gold in a ‘Very Big Way’: Ex-Morgan Stanley Head - The Daily Hodl
Central banks around the world are now looking for ways to get around the US dollar’s world reserve status, according to former Morgan Stanley executive and investment veteran Ruchir Sharma.
How I’d Invest One Million Dollars Today For A Better Tomorrow
We’ve gone through exercises on how I’d invest $100,000 and $250,000. Now let’s go through an exercise on how I’d invest a million dollars today. Investing a million dollars is slightly different from investing $100,000 and $250,000. You can more easily afford to lose $100,000 - $250,000. But if you…


Supporting the Royals is the last form of patriotism allowed by the narrative people
Supporting the Royals is the last form of patriotism allowed by the narrative people. By Ed West. The purpose of ruling class fashions is to distinguish the PC people from ordinary people: Many thi…
Never trust a politician who can’t say what a woman is
‘What is a woman?’ is the most important political question of our times.
Video: RFK Jr Says ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Proves the CIA Killed JFK
RFK Jr says that there is “overwhelming” evidence to prove that the CIA assassinated his uncle, President JFK, and led a massive cover-up.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
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Bear market pushes crypto events to cut fluff, prioritize discourse
The crypto winter has driven crypto event organizers to slash budgets for superstar DJs and lavish parties, and attendees are quizzing speakers on regulation and tax.
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Lifted from 27279 - 10 May 2023
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) sought additional upside momentum early in the Asian session as the pair reached the 27768.37 area after buying pressure emerged around the 27279.66 are


NJ Mayor Denied White House Access Praised ISIS
A New Jersey mayor who made national headlines after the Secret Service denied him clearance to a May 1 dinner for American Muslim leaders at the White House praised ISIS online, spent time with a jihadist group in Aleppo during the Syrian Civil War, and worked for a…

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