Beware Cujo and Catzilla

According to the creator of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine, the worst is yet to come.

Beware Cujo and Catzilla

Alexander Gintsburg is the director of Moscow's Gamaleya Institute and suggested the pandemic is here to stay for the foreseeable future, claiming:

The coronavirus has not yet realised its pathogenic potential. The next stage is the infection of farm and domestic animals.

He argues that while humanity may be protected due to vaccination, the pathogen will continue to evolve  which will lead to the infection of pets.  he also noted that pets are considered part of the family and it is highly unlikely that anyone will get rid of them.

This meant:

The focus of this pathogen will constantly be around us and it will keep evolving. That is to say, we must be prepared for a long existence with this pathogen

How terribly convenient.

Just when we are told it will be safe to restart society, another fear campaign is underway.

Every day, the headlines describe ever more deadly mutant strains to encourage us off to get a jab and a vaccine passport. Now we are told to beware the coming Cujo's and Catzilla's.

Gintsburg told RT that:

If you try to draw the most unpleasant infectious threat for humanity, then [Covid-19] would be what you’d come up with… And nature not only invented it but also created it.

What he didn't say was that the overall mortality attached to this 'most unpleasant infectious threat' is akin to influenza (once you strip away the dodgy statistics and contrived data that is).  He also didn't mention that the vaccines being peddled are really experimental in that they underwent a time reduced trial prior to approval in order to be rushed into production.

Even Bill Gates has said that governments will have to indemnify the manufacturers from the risks (known or unknown). It's pretty scary stuff.

However, unlike most horror movies, the induced coronavirus panic of 2020 looks unlikely to end. Governments have discovered the power of the pandemic and how it can be used to achieve whatever ends they want.

The past twelve months have demonstrated how willingly the populace will go along with the most egregious government transgressions on their liberties and lifestyle.

I suspect things will never go back to being how they were. Instead we will continue to be expected to comply with the irrationalities of those purportedly acting in our best interest.

Those seeking to run a business must now be asking themselves why? What's the point when governments can shut you down overnight for all manner of spurious reasons with no compensation for loss.

Regrettably that appears to be the overall agenda. The global marxists are in charge and they have always been a group that wants to eliminate the middle class.

In times past, the Marxists labelled the middle class the bourgeoisie and they still have them in their sights.

Marxism has only room for two classes, the ruling elite and the subservient dependents.

Unfortunately, too many now seem happy for government to rule over them. This compliance has empowered authorities like never before. To break the shackles they have applied, the people need to wake up. I see few signs of that right now.

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