Axing the Aspirational Class

The aspirations of Australian citizens are being snubbed out by government overreach. Some suggest it's a deliberate attempt to entrench an insurmountable societal divide.

Axing the Aspirational Class
Photo by Brands&People / Unsplash

"Something has to change or things will get much worse."

They were the words of a luncheon companion over the weekend. We were talking about politics and the current state of the nation.

We agreed that our country is pretty good compared to many other places in the world. But we also agreed there are plenty of warning signs that it may not stay that way.

On the political side, the populace seems to be grouped into four broad constituencies.

The avowed Marxists and the ignorant are voting Green. The softer lefty and the crony capitalists are leaning toward Labor. The wealthy who claim to have a social conscience support Teal Party independents. That leaves the Liberals with the aspirational class.

And it's the aspirational class that is under so much pressure right now.

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