A Wake Up Call for the World

The invasion of Israel should be a wake-up call to the world that their billions of dollars in aid to Palestinian causes is only funding conflict and terrorism..

A Wake Up Call for the World
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy / Unsplash

Yesterday the world was plunged into more chaos. This time, the epicentre is in the middle east - more specifically Israel.

An estimated 5000 rockets rained down on Israel from the Gaza strip and hundreds, maybe thousands of hamas terrorists invaded the democratic nation. 

These terrorists inflicted barbaric attacks on Israeli civilians, gunning them down in their homes, on the street and on public transport. 

They attacked and killed Israeli defence force personnel and then desecrated and displayed their bodies in a grotesque disregard for dignity even in death.

But the indignity wasn’t reserved for just the military.

This woman is apparently a german tourist, kidnapped, killed and desecrated by the revolting terrorists shielded in Gaza.

Incredibly, thousands there cheered them on. 

These are the same cheering masses who name their sports stadiums and schools after terrorists who kill Israeli citizens. 

They are the same mob who receive billions in funding from idiotic western nations that fuel conflict and terrorism. 

Australia’s aid funding has faced allegations of being diverted to support Hamas - that’s the terror mob behind the current attacks. 

Some Palestinian charitable aid organisations have also been linked to Hamas and other terror groups. 

Clearly those funds have played a role in the rockets and weapons now assailing the Israeli people. 

This should be a wake up call to the world. 

The ‘marginalised and oppressed’ Palestinian people are indeed victims, but victims of the poisonous and corrupt  jihadic ideology that rules over them.

It’s the ideology that fires rockets and weapons caches from schools and hospitals, so when they are destroyed in retaliation, the actual victim is made to look like the bad guy.

It’s the ideology that rewards families with money for sending their sons and daughters to their death, showering them with praise according to the number of innocent Jews and gentiles slaughtered in the process.

And the world sits back and excuses these acts of stone age barbarism.

They keep sending money, they cover up with propaganda and they label Israel an apartheid state, despite it being more free, open and democratic than most arab nations.

They excuse the corruption and misuse of donated monies in the palestinian territories. 

I ask you: How is it that deceased impeder of peace and former Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, became a multi-billionaire while claiming his people had nothing?

It’s disgusting and I can only hope the world sees through this ongoing farce as the reality of the situation is now clear.

Many Palestinian leaders, and other leaders through the middle east support terror attacks on Israel. 

Incredibly, there are plenty of home grown losers who do the same. 

Here’s a tweet by  one sympathiser who claims to be indigenous at QUT (since deleted but is captured in the video)

Even our foreign minister Penny Wong - put out a bizarre message.

“We call for these attacks to stop and recognise Israel’s right to defend itself.

Australia urges the exercise of restraint and protection of civilian lives.”

It’s not hard to detect she wants Israel to react with restraint but just what civilian lives is she interested in protecting? 

The innocent Jews slaughtered indiscriminately by the terrorist mob or the civilians in gaza and elsewhere who fund, hide, shield, defend and honour the terrorists

There are many more - ranging from the Victorian socialists and the young greens through to a bunch of muslim radicals and other justice activists. 

Justice in this case means support for terror.

You see, being anti-Israel is part of the lefty global schtick. 

They call it an apartheid state and always blame the Israelis for the constant attacks on their people. 

They ignore the rockets and bombs fired from within Gaza and other territories. They don’t publicise the random slaughter of Israeli citizen by muslim extremists. 

They won’t show you the propaganda and anti-semitism pushed by Palestinian television or reveal the truth about our misused aid money.

No, for a mob that supports the concept of being non-binary, you can’t be a leftist unless you fully embrace the palestinan cause and turn a blind eye to the truth of what is going on.  

That’s your binary choice as a leftist. Show solidarity with a crooked cancerous cause or you are the enemy.

But let’s not pretend this terror invasion isn’t part of a much bigger agenda. Hamas is largely funded by Iran. 

Iran have previously stated they want to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map. Iran are close to becoming a nuclear power, thanks to tens of billions of dollars of cash and an inept and hopeless Biden administration - and the Obama one previously. 

Here’s CNN asking a Biden administration official a reasonable question for once.


Donald Trump was the break in  the chain of the US empowering the rogue Iranian nation. 

Today of course the US pledges support for Israel but what does that mean?

Other nations have now apparently pledged support for Hamas. Iraq has reportedly put out a statement;

"The operations carried out by the Palestinian people today are a natural result of the systematic oppression they have been subjected to for many years at the hands of the Zionist occupation authority, which has never adhered to international and UN resolutions."

I’ll remind you that the current Iraqi regime is a product of being liberated by the West in another unjust war. 

Qatar, host of the FIFA World Cup, said:

“Israel alone bears responsibility for the current escalation due to its onoing violations of the rights of Palestinian people.”

Iran and Syria also joined in praise of hamas while Lebanons Hezbollah congratulated Hamas on the ‘large scale, heroic operation’.

It’s clear there are major battle lines being drawn, between nations that support terrorism and those that don’t. 

Does that mean we have another giant proxy war underway?

I don’t know but I certainly hope that is not the case. 

War is terrible but terrorism, and the deliberate genocidal targeting of innocent civilians is unforgivable.

Those who foster it or support it should feel the full force of retaliation.

I have no doubt Israel will do that and in response, the worlds narrative will likely change.

The left will start to blame Israel for over reacting and going too far. The media will highlight the casualties on the Palestinan side - most likely people who died because hamas were launching rockets from under their schools or hospitals.

It will be a continuation of the propaganda, Palestine good, Israel bad we have been subject to for decades now. 

I say enough is enough. We don’t and shouldn’t have to accept the lies anymore. 

The Western world is now left with a choice that will reveal what’s left of their integrity.

Will they cease all funding to a non-nation that hides, abets and supports terrorism or will they continue to send billions of dollars to the corrupt palestinian cause?

Will they impose sanctions on all Palestinians just like they did to Russians? Will they confiscate the Palestinian billionaires property, freeze their swiss bank accounts and stop their international travel? 

Will they do the same to the nations that support, aid and abet these terrorists?

I think we all know the answer to that.  

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