A true conservative party

A true conservative party

Sometimes politics can be frustrating for both voters and those they elect to represent them. 

Electors lament political decisions that seem to suspend common sense in favour of experimental policies that deliver poor outcomes. 

They see the sniping and character assassination within the political parties as the players in this unedifying soap opera jostle for a bigger role. Such behaviour simply turns them off.

As an elected representative, it can be just as frustrating. Government inaction on important issues can be maddening whilst at other times the haste with which they move is equally so. 

However, perhaps the most frustrating thing about politics is how disengaged so many people are from the institution that plays such a big role in their lives. 

It’s clear that the education system (and the performance of the politicians themselves) hasn’t inspired enough Australians to get fully involved in political discourse. 

Naturally some people just aren’t interested and feel politics has no relevance to them but there are many who are interested but haven’t been sufficiently informed how the system actually works. 

Consider Saturday’s Queensland election for instance. Many voters clearly didn’t understand that they can preference the party of their choice rather than follow a Party how to vote ticket. 

I believe it was a mistake for One Nation to preference sitting members last as it effectively delivered another Labor government, but ultimately the decision is in the hands of every individual voter. 

It’s the same for us – Australian Conservatives – in the forthcoming Bennelong by-election. There are some self-serving arguments about our candidacy ‘splitting the conservative vote’. It’s nonsense, of course, but this smear is being run by those with vested interests. 

Firstly, there isn’t a conservative option amongst the major parties (Liberal and Labor): Alexander and Keneally are two peas in a pod with little policy difference to distinguish between them. 

Secondly, the preference system means you can send them a clear message by voting for Australian Conservatives first and then flow your preferences to the party you prefer to form government. 

Our official how-to-vote card supports Liberals ahead of Labor but both the major parties need to know they cannot take the conservative vote for granted. After all, more than half the Bennelong voters said ‘No’ to redefining marriage – a view neither of the Liberal and Labor candidates support. That’s why supporting a credible and principled alternative is the best way to send safely the government a message. 

Our candidate in Bennelong, Joram Richa, is a young man with a firm grasp on Australian Conservatives values because he lives them every day. Joram has excelled in everything he has done academically, on the sporting field and as a community leader. 

He isn’t your ordinary politician; like so many of us he is an unhappy voter who sees the Australian legacy being squandered by politicians and he wants to change that. 

Joram is part of something new and exciting to politics… a true conservative party, built on principle and powered by people like you.

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