A Problem for Politics

The coordination of ethnic or tribal voting blocks sets Australia on the same path of division being experienced in other Western nations

A Problem for Politics
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy / Unsplash

At the risk of annoying all the right people, I am aghast at the coordinated move to organise 'Muslim' votes for electoral gain.

While it's not racist because Islam is not a race, it's just as appalling as racist Joe Biden suggesting, 'You ain't black if you vote for Trump'.

Of course, just like the pervert who is the President of the United States, the media will give this latest domestic political push a free pass.

I understand the narrowcasting that political parties use to galvanise support, but two new websites are now openly recruiting the Muslim population in Australia to exercise a collective vote.

One can only imagine the demands of that collective - Sharia law, more benefits and even more freedom to say heinous things about others.

Let's not forget that the Jews of Sydney were told to stay away from the Opera House after the October 7 atrocity 'for their own safety'.

That's because Muslim crowds were gathering there to praise Hamas.

Here's the stated reason for being by Muslim Votes Matter and my comments below.

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