A Desperate Prime Minister

With a flailing and ineffective policy program, the Prime Minister looked desperate at last week's Labor conference.

A Desperate Prime Minister

The Prime Minister has looked increasingly desperate this week.

The paper shuffling and radical class war rhetoric are wearing thin with the Australian people because they don't respond to our concerns.

Instead of easing the cost of living pressures, helping to create a more resilient economy or delivering a reliable and affordable power supply, the Prime Minister is leading a government focused on flights of fancy.

Get past the bluff and bluster of the Labor conference this weekend and Labor's agenda returns to the racist and divisive Voice.

In his keynote speech, the Prime Minister doubled down on that.

"I want you to keep getting out there and having those conversations … to talk to those Australians who haven't had a chance yet to engage with the upcoming referendum.

I want you to give the answer to every Australian who has looked at the stark realities of Indigenous disadvantage and ask themselves 'what can I do about it?'

Tap into that abiding instinct for fairness that is so much part of the Australian character."

The big problem with that is that neither the Prime Minister nor his incompetent Minster Linda Burney can answer even the most basic questions about how the Voice will operate.

Now he wants Labor delegates to answer the questions they cannot.

I have an answer to what we can do about the stark realities of Indigenous disadvantage.

It's pretty simple. We must stop accepting the excuses, lies and demands of the industry profiting off that disadvantage.

Spending on Aboriginal people is twice what it is on the rest of us per capita, so money isn't the problem. Behaviour is; both theirs and ours.

The health issues many indigenous people face are a product of that behaviour. Lousy food and substance abuse lead to myriad health issues, including diabetes, obesity, dental, liver and kidney problems.

For example, dry communities and quarantined welfare spending are proven solutions, yet the political Left repeatedly rejects them.

These same do-gooders regularly deny the massive problem of domestic violence and child abuse in some Aboriginal communities and somehow blame racism for the crimes committed and the incarceration of Aboriginal people.

Again, these are all personal behavioural choices; whether the perpetrator or the excuser, those choices are to blame for the current malaise.

Those pushing this voice proposal only want to hear Aboriginal voices that echo their denialist view of the real problem. That's why they reject the voice of Jacinta Price or Warren Mundine.

It's why they want to empower and further enrich the existing beneficiaries of the Aboriginal industry by creating a platform from which they can rule over the rest.

The political left wants to keep the status quo. Too many are making money off of it.

If they really wanted to make a difference, they'd make the tough decisions that would have an immediate impact.

Stop engaging in tales of perpetual victimhood, stop excusing outrageous behaviour and stop allowing one group of Australians to blame others for the destructive results of their poor decisions.

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