A Budget Built on Bull Dust

The latest budget is filled with unsustainable handouts and sets Australia on a path of economic decline. The government's budget is Bull Dust.

A Budget Built on Bull Dust
Photo by Michael / Unsplash

I've just finished listening to the Albanese government's 2024 budget.

It started in a disgraceful manner with a sop by the Treasurer to 'first nations' who he claims 'inspire us'.

I'm not sure what he recognises as inspiration but judging by the taxpayer funded hand outs, they seem to have some influence on him.

Unemployment is going up, handouts are going up and immigration is on the rise.

While there's a surplus scheduled for this year there is over a hundred billion dollars in deficits scheduled in the years ahead.

That'll take us to over a trillion dollars in gross debt while the government claims it's reducing debt.

That's in spite of it being the biggest taxing budget in 23 years.

Something doesn't add up with the rhetoric and the figures but here's the gist of why we are going backwards.

There are subsidies for electricity, student debt, medical supplies, student housing, social housing, crisis accomodation, remote housing and almost everything else.

I am surprised that we need to spend all this money after Bob Hawke promised no Australian child would live in poverty by 1990.

That was 34 years ago and the result of political promises is clear - more Australian children (and adults) live in poverty now than ever before.

It's all costing us taxpayers a fortune.

Actually, it costing half of the 13.8 million taxpayers a fortune. They are the lucky ones who pay more in tax than the benefits they receive.

That means that the heavy lifting of paying the bills is done by just 30 per cent of Australians.

Little wonder the country is going backwards.

But all is not lost. Our hope is that a new generation of jobs and wealth will be delivered through renewable energy 'super power' status. That comes at the cost of more billions despite the previous billions not delivering.

I can almost hear the internal group think. "If only we'd spent more earlier we wouldn't have to spend so much now, and we'd be as rich as Saudi Arabia."

Instead, we are declining into a welfare wasteland, where even business is dependent on government subsidies to get ahead.

No matter what the government says, they are hollowing out the middle class to reduce us to a polarised elite and working serfs.

No amount of University indoctrination (free under the budget) will change that. Instead, the cultural and social marxism will be inculcated in those who perviously had a chance of avoiding it.

I figure a lot of these new graduates will find work in government, the public service or in the NDIS. After all, they are the fastest growing sectors of the economy with the NDIS alone expected to hit a $60 billion annual cost in the next few years.

That pays for a lot of lawn mowing, shopping trips and s*x workers while leaving some for essential services.

In case you think I'm being too harsh on this disgraceful budget, here's the assessment of the left-leaning political writer Philip Coorey in the AFR.

For his first two budgets, Jim Chalmers showed admirable restraint when it came to spending, especially given the pressures that face a Labor treasurer.

This time, however, he’s like a bloke who successfully dieted for two years but crumbled after someone shoved a bucket of KFC under his nose.

Unfortunately, it's a bucket of fast food that we'll be picking up the tab for.

Australia is in structural decline and the government isn't coming to save us.

They only want to save themselves and it's up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our own future.

Thought for the Day

"Government spending is taxation. When you look at this, I've never heard of a poor person spending himself into prosperity; let alone I've never heard of a poor person taxing himself into prosperity."
Arthur Laffer

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