Your Digital Citizenship

The global elites are at it again. This time they are suggesting we need to be good 'digital citizens' to use the Internet.

Your Digital Citizenship

If you are worried about the privacy aspects of covid passports, imagine if you needed a 'digital citizenship' to use the Internet!

Don't start laughing quite yet because that's what some of the global elites want to see.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), recently held a live video stream with some tech security experts in which they openly discussed the creation of such an Internet passport.  

They referred to it as digital citizenship and apparently it is all about avoiding a digital pandemic.

If such a proposal were to proceed, it would effectively track everything you do on the internet and associate it with your digital ID. Naturally this could (and would) be used against you.

It'd be like cancel culture of super steroids!

Of course this is all being dressed up as being for your benefit. The WEF website states:

"User-centric digital identities are the base of trusted digital interactions and access to digital services, enabling personalization, customer loyalty, increased security and reduced costs.

Innovative customer services are possible: telemedicine and digital prescriptions, gig economy, more fluid workforce, digital banking via devices in the internet of things (IoT), digital transformation of supply chains and the provision of government services."

The skipped the bit about tracking your every move.

Here's part of the livestream.

Watch around the 24 minute mark. The idea of being a better digital citizen is floated.

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