Words are not enough

Words are not enough

Words can scarcely do justice in condemning the barbarism attached to the Manchester bombing. Unfortunately it is not the first, nor will it be the last atrocity committed in the name of Islam. At best, we can only hope it prompts a reality shock for our political elites and media.

The reality is that traditional Islamic doctrine and teachings are not compatible with our Western democracy. Sharia (or Islamic) law is built around segregation, misogyny, brutality and Muslim exceptionalism. It does not recognise the separation of Church and State, the equality of women, nor many of the freedoms available in the enlightened West. Sharia law has no place in our country and it is inseparable from Islam.

Islam’s founder is a man who lived in the 7th Century and after failing as a peaceful preacher instead spread his ideology through intimidation and violence. Mohammed is considered by the fundamentalists as the perfect example for all Muslims to follow.

Understanding the reality that the ignorant fundamentalists, who kill and maim, really do draw their inspiration from Islamic texts and Mohammed’s life is critical to dealing with the problem.

Many will argue that these texts are corruptly misused but that does not change the reality of the challenge we face. Too many Imams and their adherents support the concept of violent jihad. We can ignore it no longer. Whether it is 1% or 10% of Muslims who subscribe to this religious fundamentalism, they present a significant danger to our nation.

The question is what to do about it?

Here we have to confront another reality. You cannot make thought a crime. Proposals to ban Islam in Australia are as ill-conceived as they are non-constitutional. We have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of worship in this country and every one of us is free to follow whatever deity we choose to.

However we cannot turn a blind eye to threats to our national security and our social, economic and cultural interests.

Freedom of worship is not an excuse to escape our laws or permission for the PC class to excuse abhorrent behaviour under the guise of cultural differences. To be frank, I don’t want those types of ‘cultural differences’ undermining our culture and our values.

Respect for ‘cultural differences’ are not an excuse for child brides, FGM, domestic violence, sexual abuse, sharia courts, hate preachers, facial veils or groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir in this country.

If the defenders of these practices and groups don’t like that position then Australia is not the place for them and they should go and live in Afghanistan, Sudan or Syria.

We can’t do much about the Australian citizens who are part of dangerous death cults but we can certainly do more in respect to our current programmes to defend our national interest.

Defending Australian interests starts with changing our immigration program. It needs a root and branch review to reduce the number of people, and to ensure migrants will integrate and sustain our way of life rather than threaten it.

Our visa system is abused, our humanitarian program has become a means of colonisation and our welfare largesse makes us the laughing stock of those who see it as weakness.

All while we turn a blind eye to a counter-culture that is excused under the guise of multiculturalism.

It’s time to make a change and we simply cannot risk allowing any more possible extremists into our country. That means we need a moratorium on immigration from high risk countries, including through our humanitarian visa program.

We must withdraw from the broken, outdated and abused UN Refugee Convention.

We should never outsource our sovereignty and self-determination to unelected bureaucratic bodies, particularly when it comes to the settlement of people in our country.

Nor should we outsource the ability to remove dangerous non-citizens from our shores to unaccountable bodies like the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. It beggars belief that they think it’s ok for supposed ‘refugees’ to holiday in the countries they ‘fled for fear of persecution.’

I’ll be brutally frank. Anyone going to countries like Libya, Iraq and Syria without authorisation from our government should not be let back into Australia.

Sure, every individual is free to go but just don’t come back. I can see no valid reason for anyone spending vacation time in the terrorist state of Libya.

Yet that’s precisely what the Manchester bomber did. He was on a government watchlist and still managed to visit Libya and then return to the UK without causing alarm. The price of that oversight has been tragically felt by millions around the world.

Enough is enough. If the Muslim community will not stamp out this evil in their midst we must take the lead. Our institutions are designed to protect our citizens and our national interest. It’s about time we did what is necessary to make them effective.

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