What Lefties Really Think of Us

Sometimes the Left just cannot hide their contempt for regular people who don't agree with them.

What Lefties Really Think of Us
Photo by Joy Real / Unsplash

I am always staggered when politicians seem scared of the people they claim they want to represent. It’s even worse when they openly criticise members of the public simply because they have a different point of view.

Greens party members of parliament are some of the worst offenders. So too are the labor left. They present everything as a moral crisis to paint a picture that their point of view is righteous and moral while an opposing perspective is despicable and evil.

Rarely will they deal with the substantive issues in any counter argument, preferring to descend into personal insults and character denigration.

That’s straight out of the hard left playbook ‘rules for radicals’ by Saul Alinsky. Number 13 in his anti-democratic blueprint states.

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it, and polarise it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

Whenever the hard left is faced with a bracing counter-factual, they attack the proponent rather than the matter at hand. We’ve all heard them talk attack individuals on the basis of being white, or old, or being Christian. The personal slurs are hurled if you support tradition, freedom of speech or personal responsibility.

It’s always a one-way street too. The Left condemn racism by criticising people with white skin. The claim gender is a social construct but attack men for being male. They defend religious practices that are at odds with our customs and laws but criticise believers of the faith that underpins our society.

They are hypocrites of the highest order and are rarely held to account.

On the odd occasion they are challenged, most of them demonstrate how weak they truly are. They hide behind the collectivism of their tribe by claiming to be a victim of some new ‘ism’ of the day, leaving their comrades to enter the public fray for a mass pile on.

That’s why so many on the right, whom I should point out are mostly factually correct, rarely have the stomach for public debate. Normal views are answered with personal abuse and those who dare express them become targets. The Left will stop at nothing to silence their critics and destroying their reputations and their employment or business options is just part of the process.

But sometimes, the lefties go so far that they become exposed for all to see.

We saw that this week with the hopeless Canadian leader Justin Trudeau.

Whenever discussing the culture appropriating Prime Minister,  I always like to highlight his striking similarity to Fidel Castro. Not only does he look the same but some could say his policy agenda is remarkably similar too.

But Canadians are pushing back and although you won’t see much about it in the legacy media, the world's largest convoy of truckers has been crossing the country.

They are protesting vaccine mandates being imposed via a unique and mostly peaceful protest. So how did the leader of this democratic nation respond?

Trudeau went in to hiding but emerged for long enough to label them a bunch of racists and abusers who steal food from the homeless.

There was even a motion moved through the parliament which Trudeau proudly tweeted labelling them antisemitic, islamophobic, anti-black, racist, homophobic and transphobic.

This from a bloke who admits he has worn black face more times than he can remember.

When a member of the parliament moved a motion seeking to condemn blackface and deplore its use,  Trudeau’s party blocked it from being adopted.

As I wrote earlier, the left are habitual hypocrites.

So why am I focusing on Trudeau tonight when we have so many of our own high ranking hypocrites here?

Because Trudeau is perhaps the most public example of a politician who clearly loathes the people. He is a classic globalist who thinks rule by the elites, who claim to know what is best for the people, is the way forward.

He’s embraced The Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum and parroted the Build Back Better mantra which is really a clarion call for breaking down society.

These internationalists don’t like the people. They don’t like individualism. They don’t like prosperity. preferring instead crony capitalism, coercion and control.

Usually, they go to great lengths to hide it but Trudeau’s disgraceful condemnation of a group of citizens, pursuing their democratic right to protest against the actions of their government, has exposed just what these leftist elites think about the rest of us.


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