What Comes Next?

We are now the victims of the lies and self-serving actions of those we have historically trusted. It can't go on but we need to be prepared for what comes next.

What Comes Next?

I wish I had better news for you but wherever I look there are lies and deception.

We cannot trust the politicians. We cannot trust the media. We cannot trust the bureaucrats. We can't even trust what is delivered to us by the chief censors running the social media tyrants.

Last night I labelled them the socialist media because they are now more propaganda units than social connectors.

Everything that is happening now reaffirms the reason why I started the Confidential website.

My goal then was to share the facts and the truth with those who care enough to want to know what's really going on. That goal remains.

I certainly don't have all the answers but I do have opinions based on facts and informed by principle and experience. It enables me to see behind the curtain and helps identify the who, what and why of the real agenda.

From my perspective, there is no longer any concern for the partisanship that is so endemic in almost every aspect of our lives. Good ideas deserve support from wherever they emanate and bad ideas need to be driven out.  Unfortunately that isn't the approach taken by most commentators today. They are tribalists first and foremost.

One crystal clear example is the shameless US media cover-up for the Biden crime family. This is all part of the campaign to defeat Donald Trump. It is nothing short of a disgrace and dwarfs what the mainstream media did to cover for the Clinton cash cabal.  

These fake news outlets are now pretending the Biden laptop expose is a Russian plot - which is contrary to US intelligence agency statements and contrary to every scintilla of evidence.

Even the Biden team haven't been prepared to deny the authenticity of the documents drowning their candidate in corruption allegations.

But this isn't just about who should be President. The war against Donald Trump is essentially a proxy war against you and your right to know the truth of what is really going on in politics, media and business.

Trump is an imperfect individual but his real strength is that he isn't a product of the swamp that has corrupted everything it touches. That's why the establishment loathe him so much. He thwarts their existing business model.

He has belled the cat on the crooked United Nations. He exposed the corruption behind the Obama, Biden, Clinton rule. He called out the fake news that has brainwashed too many. He has exposed the FBI and other agencies as complicit in criminal acts andhe has done so much more.

Consider this for a moment.

Around the world, the big government advocates have made themselves rich while pretending to be looking after the little guy. They have sought to subvert the democratic traditions in favour of rule by the elites. They have hijacked our words, our values and our legitimate concerns for their own political ends.

No price is too high for you to pay in pursuit of their power plays.

That's why we need to be able to look after ourselves, irrespective of the outcome of the US Presidential election. We can no longer expect the historical institutions to be working for us. They have demonstrated that they only work for themselves.

That means we all need to prepare for the challenges ahead.

If Trump wins, the end game will be delayed but it is what comes after him that should worry us all.

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