We Should Heed Orwell's Warning

Entrenching inequality based on race is something straight out of Animal Farm. The book was supposed to warn about Stalinism, not a blueprint for our politicians.

We Should Heed Orwell's Warning

The deeper you dig into the agenda behind the Voice, the murkier it gets.

Fortunately, fewer Australians are being fooled by the platitudes peddled by the pushers of this divisive and racist policy.

The Voice is not a simple recognition of Aboriginal people in our constitution. It's a trojan horse that fosters inequality and race-based power. It will divide Australians into a society where race is the determining factor of rights.

Orwell couldn't have said it better when he wrote in his 1945 Novella Animal Farm:

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

Animal Farm was a critique of Stalinism, the Authoritarian movement propagated by Joseph Stalin.

During his reign of terror, Stalin rewrote history and was the subject of flattering literature, artwork and music. His government controlled the media, and his critics were often killed or imprisoned.

Stalin was inspired by Marx, the grandfather of the collectivist nonsense that continues to inspire the political Left today.

Contrary to what they publicly proclaim, the Left has always been about rule by the elites.

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