We Are Living in Anarchy

The warnings of years ago are now being echoed by others. The question now is, is it too late to make any difference?.

We Are Living in Anarchy
Photo by Orit Matee / Unsplash

It was heartening to read a column by Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) in which he claimed that the radical left is now the establishment.

This echoed my thoughts from my 2014 book The Conservative Revolution.

It's available for download to all Confidential subscribers through this link.

VDH wrote of the Left:

It now controls the very institutions of America that it once mocked and attacked—corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, state and local prosecuting attorneys, most big-city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most of cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education, and academia.

In other words, the greatest levers of influence and power—money, education, entertainment, government, the news, and popular culture—are in the hands of the Left.

He's absolutely right and this is precisely why I used the provocative term 'revolution' in the title of my book.

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