Unnecessary and Racist

The 'legality' of information you ask for from rental or job applicants seems to depend on how you intend to use it.

Unnecessary and Racist
Photo by chris robert / Unsplash

Casey Conway is an aboriginal man who applied for a rental property and was asked on the application form if he was aboriginal or torres strait islander.

He thinks the question is unnecessary and racist. I happen to agree with him.

But if it’s wrong on an application form for a rental property why is it ok to ask in so many other aspects of our lives - including our health and education sectors?

The answer to that will likely be based on positive discrimination. You see many people see that as something good rather than the application of racism that it really is.

We see this type of double standard in all manner of public and private dealings.

The job application process for one big 4 accounting firm included questions of sexuality and gender identity.It’s illegal to treat people less favourably on the basis of their sexuality or gender but it’s deemed ok to differentiate if it’s being used to ‘diversify’ the workforce.

The same anti-racists and anti-sexists insist on people being appointed to boards or gaining positions on the sole basis of race or gender.

These activists demand equality but ignore anything that tips the scales toward their preferred candidate.

It even extends into our armed forces.

The army pre-entry fitness assessment requires applicants to perform situps, push ups and shuttle runs. While most are the same, men (whatever they are these days)  are expected to do more push ups than women (whatever they are).

It;’s increasingly clear that we have pick and choose equality in this country.

The rules, legal and otherwise,  are applied selectively according to the intentions, race or gender of those in breach or those complaining about them.

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