United Nations secondment

United Nations secondment

It’s been another big week in politics since my last letter.

It seems the rest of Australia has finally woken up to the damaging political agenda of the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program and even though the facts are ignored or misrepresented by the celebrity ‘news’ services, the awful truth is out there. Whilst the review is still being conducted, it would be incredulous for the government not to act against this appalling program.

At a personal level, my colleagues have selected me for a secondment to the United Nations later in the year. The delegation begins in September (so it should be after the Federal election) and runs for three months. It is an amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing first-hand how the UN operates and just how effective and useful it is.

The media have made a great deal of my previous comments about the UN, which includes such descriptions as a “black hole of bureaucracy” and “an unelected and unaccountable body.” This secondment will provide me with a first-hand experience of whether those descriptions are accurate or not.

As I wrote to one concerned constituent, of all the people I know I am the least likely to be captured by ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in such an environment, so my final assessment will be frank and fearless!

Whilst based in New York, I will also have the opportunity to observe the lead up to and the vote of the US Presidential election in November. This is a critical election for America with two seemingly polarising choices.

Leading the Republican field is populist maverick Donald Trump. He is tapping into the anti-politician sentiment that seems to be making its way around the world.

Long-standing readers will know I have warned of this political cultural change for many years as governments have grown increasingly detached from their citizens.

It’s a similar situation with the US Democrats. Hillary Clinton will win the nomination (unless she’s indicted first over her emails), but she is being challenged by the septuagenarian socialist Bernie Sanders. He’s the Democratic equivalent of Trump – a radical seeking to overturn the status quo. His message has a particular resonance with the younger generation who feel they have been left behind by the Washington players.

At home, the conservatives also have some work to do. Our campaign for lower taxes and limited government is resonating with many but it is pushing into the headwinds of the socialist big-spending, big-government agenda.

It has always been my predilection that we should confront the socialist menace head on. Where they offer tax rises we should offer tax cuts. Where they want big spending on ineffective programs we should resist the temptation to join them. Their social engineering programs should be rejected out of hand.

Our best weapons in these fights are plain and principled speaking, outlining the divergent paths facing the country.

One path leads to liberty and autonomy, the other to collectivism and dysfunction. We need to make this choice crystal clear to every Australian. The battle ahead is simply too important. We cannot afford to lose.

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