Trust in Bitcoin

The current banking scare further promotes widespread Bitcoin adoption. Here's your daily news digest for 3 April 2023.

Trust in Bitcoin
Photo by Kanchanara / Unsplash
There’s No Reason To Trust Banks And, Thanks To Bitcoin, We Don’t Have To
Trust in central and commercial banks is eroding quickly. The internet and social media are oil in the fire and Bitcoin is the extinguisher…


The Voice: Maximalist Left Adopts Modern Nasty Tactics
The Voice: Maximalist Left Adopts Modern Nasty Tactics. By Dennis Shanahan. There are such entrenched feelings, inherent faults, truncated schedules and demands for maximum power in the referendum …
Let Teachers Teach
Teachers are overwhelmed by unsustainable demands around quite unnecessary administration and documentation. These include anecdotal notes every week on every child for every subject. And individual conferences with every child in every subject every two weeks.
What does reconciliation look like? | The Spectator Australia
Reconciliation. The word is used almost automatically, especially in the context of the arguments about the Voice referendum. It sounds so …. positive and peaceful in contrast to the stormy seas in…


EU country’s ruling party fights ‘anglomania’
Italy’s ruling party has proposed fines for the use of foreign words in public administration and education
Kamala In Africa: What Could Go Wrong?
During the first Cold War, sub-Saharan Africa was red hot with proxy wars. With China and Russia continuing to increase their footprints in the region, Cold War II looks like a sequel, perhaps with a different ending. Given the consequences of los…
The French Model: Another Crisis
Macron was reminded of one of the key facts of the French political life, according to which governing means rolling a boulder up the hill only to see it roll down again at double the speed. The best you can do is to dodge the boulder and light a Gitane

Business, Finance & Investment

Consumers Got Whacked by Inflation, High Interest Rates, Layoff News, Asset Prices Falling from Lofty Peaks… And They’re Still Not Slowing Down
The banking turmoil is seen as next test for consumers. Would be a hoot if they just go ahead and blow that off too.
Why you should avoid the siren call of high-dividend stocks
We’ve been writing a lot about income, and recently I updated some analysis on the importance of investing in growth stocks rather than yield stocks because, over the long run, the pursuit of growth actually produces a better yield. Let me put forward some more reasons why you’re usually better off…
Is the Bank Crisis Already Over? | Economic Prism
Taking the path of least resistance eventually leads to disastrous places. Like the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles, circa 1990s, these are places that are best to be avoided. Still, some people, after consistently choosing the easier and softer way, ended up there, going mad, in their SRO unit.


Video: Trans Activist Literally Goes for Conservative’s Throat During Pro-Trans Rally
A conservative protester was assaulted by a transgender activist during a rally in Vancouver, Canada.
Woke Accreditors Are Coming for Medical Schools | National Review
Supposedly neutral institutions meant to determine a school’s quality are turning into ideological enforcers.
Elon Musk is right to take on the blue-tick elites
Twitter’s old verification system favoured elite consensus opinion over free expression.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Top Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) ‘On the Cusp’ of Making History - The Daily Hodl
Popular crypto analyst Rekt Capital says that Bitcoin (BTC) is about to make history with a key breakout to the upside.
US crackdown will push crypto ‘center of gravity’ to Hong Kong: Kaiko CEO
After recently revealing that Kaiko will shift its Asia-Pacific headquarters to Hong Kong, its CEO has tipped the city to become a major player in the sector.


There Is Only One U.S. Leader Putin Actually Fears
Trump has already established a reputation with Putin that he is not to be messed with and won’t shy away from a battle with the Kremlin.

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