Trump is Hope of the West

When the most powerful nation on Earth chooses its President, the result will impact us all.

Trump is Hope of the West
The future of the western world is 'up for grabs'

The future of the western world is “up for grabs” on November 3, when America, the most powerful nation on Earth decides its president, says Sky News contributor Cory Bernardi.

Posted by Sky News Australia on Sunday, August 30, 2020

The future of the Western world is up for grabs on November 3, when America, the largest and most powerful nation on Earth, decides on its President.

And the choice couldn’t be more stark.

The people have a choice between liberty & freedom under the republicans or repression and punishment under the democrats.

The political battle being fought in the United States is one that will affect us all.

The Trump agenda of pushing back against totalitarian regimes like China, of putting the interests of Americans first and foremost, or reclaiming jobs and industry, and rebuilding self-reliance gives other, less courageous western leaders, cover to follow suit.

In the UK, Boris Johnson has suddenly found his mojo by excluding Chinese telco firm Huawei from national communications rollout. He has also been surprisingly strident in defence of traditional British values and even wants to protect British borders. The Cowardly Lion has finally found its heart.

In Australia, after decades of successive governments ignoring China’s corrupting influence, the Morrison government seems to have twigged that being captured economically to a mobster state isn’t wise. Like America, we are now starting to defend our intellectual property, our rights as a sovereign nation and expose the strangling  tentacles of the omnipotent apparatchiks of the CCP.

Even the Prince of Woke, the discredited and hypocritical Prime Minister of Canada, has realised how Trump is on the right path. Although he won’t admit it publicly, Trudeau has channelled Trumps approach to China with a focus on Canadian interests … and values and principles including human rights.

Without Trump and America leading the way, I have no doubt that these things wouldn’t have happened.

Once again, the USA leads the way.

However, it also works the other way. If the hard left US  Democrats win, their agenda will appease and empower tyrants. It will bully and belittle their own people, it will relegate American exceptionalism and innovation to the socialist scrap heap.

They will summon more  of the negative forces on which they feed, the forces that fuel division, racism, dependence on government, bigger taxes and state control.

If that happens, it’s only a matter of time before the weather vanes of the West follow suit.

Donald Trump as US President  is the final barrier that stands between the American people and oppressive government. His re-election is important for the rest of us too.

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