Tony Abbott Has Put Australia on the Right Path

Nine months ago, political pundits and commentators suggested that the Coalition was headed for annihilation at the next election. Conventional wisdom held that opposing the catastrophist climate change movement and not supplicating oneself at the feet of the Rudd Government policy agenda was political death.

Such prophecies were proved wrong as the common sense, practical policies and authentic leadership of Tony Abbott won over a suspicious electorate.

The electorate were initially sceptical, not only of Abbott’s leadership credentials, but of politics in general. The Australian people had been left giddy from the spin and rhetoric that supplanted prudent action by Labor, and determined that ‘all politicians were the same’.

The political butchery of Rudd by the faceless men of Labor, aided by a willing accomplice in Ms Gillard, sent public confidence in politics (and many politicians) to a new low.

This was reinforced during a campaign that contrasted the rugged authenticity of Tony Abbott with the manufactured ‘conviction’ of the real (and fake) Julia. The low point must surely have been the Labor launch when Gillard press officers informed journalists that Ms Gillard would be speaking ‘off the cuff’ and with ‘no notes’.

Indeed, the television exit interviews showed Labor luminaries dutifully parroting the official lines in an attempt to make their puppet leader seem ‘real’. The fakery was exposed when the speech notes, which clearly Ms Gillard had memorised, were captured by an enterprising journalist on the speaker’s lectern.

As Gillard stumbled, Abbott grew in stature. His easy manner and genuine interest shone through in public meetings and media engagements. It became clear that Abbott had a greater interest in the public good while Gillard’s self-interest was more about Labor retaining power.

This left Labor and their spokesmen becoming increasingly shrill in their outrageous claims. Even the normally friendly press pack eventually asked Ms Gillard why she was telling lies.

The swing against Labor suggests that the public has had enough of falsehoods and misleading statements from their political leaders. It is clear that they want national leadership that won’t take the electorate for granted and is prepared to reflect the views and concerns of mainstream Australia.

Tony Abbott is such a leader, and while it remains to be seen if he becomes Prime Minister as a result of this election, he has clearly demonstrated his capacity to handle the top job.

Through his unique mix of common sense, discipline, wisdom and experience, Abbott has confounded the often myopic vision of the professional political observers. He has restored hope and optimism in a sceptical electorate that principle once again has a place in modern politics. In doing so, he has restored the fortunes of the Liberal Party and helped ensure that Australia will once again be able to return to the right path.

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