Time to Face Some Facts

Until we can have an honest conversation about behavioural issues we have no prospect of changing them.

Time to Face Some Facts
Photo by Johan Mouchet / Unsplash

What sort of a country are we where towns and cities are overrun by violent offenders?

What sort of a country won't acknowledge the reasons for those problems for fear that it might cause some offence?

What sort of a country are we where courts won't allow the adoption of a boy, who has been living with the same foster parents for 16 years, on racial grounds?

The answer to those questions is that we are a country in denial.

Too many entrusted with making decisions on behalf of the rest of us do not want to see the truth. Instead, they'd rather pretend everything is sweet and just a bit more tinkering around the policy edges will fix everything.

It's an absurd position but a common one by our political elites.

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