Time Ticking on TikTok

Government inaction on Chinese spyware Tik-Tok is a concern for national security.

Time Ticking on TikTok
Photo by Agê Barros / Unsplash

Continuing on with a national security bent, I can’t believe the government is tip-toeing around a ban on Chinese spyware app TikTok.

According to the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, the app ‘screams’ of security concerns and the Chinese Communist government can use it to control the software on millions of devices.

On top of that, it’s enslaving users with viral videos of lefties making total fools of themselves. Things like this:


Shadow home affairs minister Karen Andrews told Sky News this week that the app should be banned on govt issued phones.

“We should not have access to that on our phones and we should be very closely monitoring the data that has been collected so far from those individuals who do have TikTok on their devices.

“That's the first step. But there really needs to be some serious investigation work done.”

I agree Shadow Minister but I’d also like to know why you didn’t do exactly that when you were in government?

It’s not like we didn’t know this was a spyware app being used by the CCP.

It was reported on this program many times in the past two years and there was always some excuse why it wasn’t or couldn’t be done.

The Albanese govt has acted in the same way it has over so many important issues - it’s hit the ground reviewing and kicked the TikTok problem off to a committee.

In the meantime, those politicians and public servants silly enough to have known Chinese spyware on their mobile phones just so they can watch cat videos or make fools of themselves, are potentially jeopardising our national security.

Here’s how the Federal Member for Bennelong is using his TikTok account.


Obviously some think feeding  their data to the CCP is a small price to pay for being able to turn the Prime Minister into a piece of Manga art!

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