Threat to Democracy

Biden was the first president in history to use federal agencies to censor opponents.

Threat to Democracy
Photo by Elimende Inagella / Unsplash
RFK Jr.: Biden ‘Absolutely’ A ‘Much Worse Threat To Democracy’ Than Trump | The Daily Wire
Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said during an interview this week that he believes that President Joe Biden is a greater threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump. Kennedy made the remarks during a Monday night interview on CNN’s “OutFront” with host Erin Burnett. “I can make the argument that President Biden…


The Victorian government wants to trial electronic monitoring devices on young people. It’s a bad idea
Tracking young people who are accused of serious crimes will not actually reduce youth crime - in fact, it may well entrench it.
IPA Research: Internet Censorship Laws Must be Abandoned Due To Fact Checking Bias
Today, the IPA released a new report analysing the fact checking investigations undertaken by the three main fact checking organisations in Australia – AAP FactCheck, RMIT FactLab, and RMIT ABC Fact Check.
Bruce Lehrmann defamation trial: Channel Ten wins bid to present fresh evidence
Justice Michael Lee has reopened high-profile case to allow fresh evidence from former Seven producer Taylor Auerbach


How will Iran respond to Israel’s assassination in Damascus? | The Spectator Australia
Last night, six missiles fired from an Israeli F-35 combat aircraft hit and destroyed a building belonging to the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria. At the time, a meeting between high-ranking…
Political row erupts in India over island ceded to Sri Lanka
Leaders of the ruling BJP have accused Congress and Tamil Nadu’s DMK party of “weakening” the country’s integrity back in 1974
These Are The Most Dangerous Countries In The World
...not where you might think!

Business, Finance & Investment

Japan’s finance minister says ‘speculative’ moves in currency market impacting yen
Japanese Finance Minister warned against speculative currency market moves not reflecting economic fundamentals, repeating concerns over excessive yen declines.
Visualizing the Countries With the Lowest Corporate Tax Rates
Many countries with the lowest corporate tax rates are clustered in Europe and Asia, with tax rates far below the global average.


The unbearable sanctimony of the ‘pro-Palestine’ set
The unbearable sanctimony of the ‘pro-Palestine’ set. By Brendan O’Neill. It’s increasingly clear that the fad for forswearing Israeli music and culture and food is less about liberating Pale…
‘NCAA’s First Openly Gay College Wrestler’ Sentenced for Heinous Crimes Involving Images of Pre-Pubescent Children
The “NCAA’s first openly gay college wrestler” plead guilty to distribution of child pornography and was sentenced on Thursday.
‘Renewables’ could drive America back to the 1800s
By Ronald Stein Regardless of intermittent weather, the electrical grid is expected to deliver continuous and uninterrupted electricity, no matter what the weather, to support computers for hospita…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Decade-Old Bitcoin Mystery Revealed As Dormant Wallet Awakens With $35 Million Transfer, Following A $6 Billion Crypto Shuffle
A wallet without activity for 11.7 years has come to life, sending USD $35M worth of BTC to several new addresses just a week after the fifth-largest BTC holder emptied their wallet.


Can public schools be redeemed?
think again

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