They Can Dish It Out...

They Can Dish It Out...

An interesting thing happened to me last week. I was effectively refused service by a business because of my conservative beliefs. I am okay with that because I believe that every private business has a right to choose who they want as a customer.

Perhaps the business is worried that an association with a brand diametrically opposed to their own would be negative for them. It may be that they are having to choose between one client and another. To me, it really doesn’t matter what the reason, a private business is free to choose who they want to provide services for and the conditions surrounding the provision of those services.

In my case, last week I approached a web developer for some work on the Conservatives Party website. The firm came highly recommended and would have been ideal for the task required. However, after an initial conversation, the proprietor sent a very polite and courteous email saying that our interests (politics) weren’t aligned and I would be better served elsewhere.

A similar thing happened with a virtual office service in Sydney earlier this year. The owners were bullied by some lefty activists not to have the Conservatives as a client and so they terminated our agreement.

Neither of these matters caused me any concern but it made me think about the hypocrisy and double standards of the lefty activists.

By their standards, discrimination of any type is a crime – unless it is against a group or individual who doesn’t agree with their views.

Imagine the outcry if I ran a business and declined to take on a client because I didn’t like their left activism. Or the horror if the fabled baker refused to decorate a cake for a wedding they didn’t agree with.

The left justifies organised boycotts and restraints of trade against Jewish owned business but any similar action targeting business ownership by any other race, creed or colour would be condemned as a racist assault on multiculturalism.

The double standards get even worse. The greatest hypocrites are often the greatest moralisers and that is certainly true of the Greens political party. They pretend to be champions of the oppressed and yet their party is mired in claims of inaction surrounding multiple allegations of sexual harassment by MPs and Greens staffers.

I said as much in the Senate yesterday and the Green hypocrites shouted their normal abuse and denials. A couple of hours later even they could no longer deny the facts and were forced to acknowledge the truth.

Naturally, there was no acceptance of how wrong they had been for so long. There was no acknowledgement of how they had failed the most basic probity expectations of a political party. It was like none of the cover-ups had ever happened and once again they were the party of virtue.

This is what the radical left has become. A gang of bullies and hypocrites that seeks to monster anyone marching outside of their column.

The left fight freedom with victimhood, facts with fiction and common sense with Marxism. They apply different standards to their own conduct than those they demand of others. They are a clear and present danger to the unalienable freedoms we have all inherited and that we should pass on to the next generation.

The Australian Conservatives will do exactly that.

Things that make you go Hmm…

WA Libs whack criticism, the Melbourne Cup whips up a frenzy as there’s an ISIS caliphate push 2,500km from Darwin. China’s military prodigies settle in Australia, Bill won’t recognise Israel’s capital whilst the UN ramps up attacks on Conservative Britain and demands Trump rethink migration.

Aid money is wasted in Afghanistan, the latest Jungle Book appropriates identity politics, California liberates chickens, calves and pigs and China enjoys a single success. Egypt’s niqab ban is veiled again, British parking policing gets ridiculous, age wearies this Dutchman and Amazon tosses this dwarf.

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