There is No Vaccine for Stupidity

Business people specialise in measuring risk versus reward. A group of them recently rendered a unanimous verdict on a global question.

There is No Vaccine for Stupidity

With a title like the one for this post, the subject could be just about anything!

However, this one is about the Coronavirus vaccine (s) that are going to save us all. Before I get in to that, I do want to make it abundantly clear that I don't have a problem with vaccines. Plenty of people seem to but I am not one of them.

Where they have been tried and tested, I don't have a problem. However the same can't be said about what they want to unleash on us now.

You all know my position on the alarm over Covid-19.

It's a hysterical overreaction to a virus that targets the same people vulnerable to influenza. The elderly, immunocompromised, obese and those with co-morbidities are at risk of dying.

The rest of us will largely get over it. Just the same as every flu season.

You will also know the death statistics have been so clearly enhanced as to make them farcical. Do I need to mention the motorcycle accident victim again..or the ladder fall man?

There is even the suppressed report from Johns Hopkins University that notes the increase in deaths 'due' to Covid-19 are almost exactly the same as the reduction in deaths from (heart disease, influenza, pneumonia etc) in any normal year. It's hardly the stuff to shut down the world over.

Now we are being told that everything will be ok with a vaccine that has been rushed through the approvals and testing process. Governments have tossed billions of dollars at vaccine companies to encourage them to find a cure.

They even pre-ordered millions of doses for unproven results.

In Australia, a 'vaccine' trial was stopped because it caused false positive readings for HIV in the test patients. Apparently the Australian government had already ordered ( and presumably paid for) millions of doses!

They did so after being warned of the inherent problems by another prominent scientist.

The Australian reports:

The Federal government was warned by a prominent Australian vaccine scientist that the use of an HIV fragment protein in the University of Queensland COVID-19 vaccine would present “big problems” months before entering into a multimillion-dollar deal to buy 51 million doses of the protein-based candidate.

At least they caught this problem in time. Every other 'cure' out there has been rushed to market and who really knows what potential risks or side effects are attached to them.

Vaccine trials usually take years of testing to prove safe and effective. That's for good reason, there is usually significant possible risks attached to them all.

However for some reason, a rushed vaccine for a virus that has an estimated 99.87 recovery rate is being rushed out.

It's even stranger when you consider many infected with the virus have no discernible symptoms in the first place.

For a while I thought it was only me that considered the risk of taking the vaccine higher than the risk from Coronavirus. However at dinner in Melbourne last week, I asked several prominent business people what their views were.

Not one of them said they were going to take the Coronavirus vaccine!

It's important to note that these people aren't as strident about the government over-reaction to Corona as I am. They also have very different politics to mine but we all share an ability to assess risk/reward ratio's in our decision making process.

After making that assessment, they all decided the risk was too great for the minuscule reward.

That's what prompted one of them to say "There is no vaccine for stupidity."

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