There is a Hidden Agenda

The failed cultural heritage laws of Western Australia provide a guide to how the Voice might work and what will be their primary motivation.

There is a Hidden Agenda

That might really be a pig you see flying by.

Incredible as it may seem, a political leader has actually admitted they made a big mistake and have made moves to fix it.

The politician in question is Western Australia (WA) Premier Roger Cook, who has now accepted his terrible Aboriginal Cultural Heritage laws:

"went too far, were too prescriptive, too complicated and placed unnecessary burdens on everyday Western Australian property owners".

Unsurprisingly, his assessment, while correct, significantly downplays just how poor the decision to allow Aboriginal culture to reign over personal property-rights has been.

While some will disagree, in my opinion, the WA laws were a micro-trial of what could happen across the country if The Voice referendum succeeds.

The big difference being that the WA legislative folly can be repealed but we'd have little chance of rescinding a constitutional change.

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