There is a Better Way

In the face of continued hardship it is easy for individuals to become resigned to their apparent fate. Whether it be financial, familial or career, there are times when the odds of affecting positive change seem insurmountable.

One adage suggests that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different. That explains why prudent change is the key to altering personal circumstances when the rut sets in.

It isn’t very different when it comes to the direction of our nation. When a deep malaise, that stifles optimism and hope within our community, settles over our land due to an incompetent government, we have to be prepared to make changes.

Fortunately, in Australia changing the government is relatively easy, although in the current circumstances many would consider the three years between elections as being far too long.

There is no doubt that there is an expectation of political change at the next election. However, to fully prepare Australia for the long-term challenges we face, it is clear we cannot continue down the same path we are on.

Quite simply, there has to be a better way; a better way of encouraging enterprise, a better way of managing taxpayers’ money and a better way of building our communities.

The better way is the conservative way. Conservatism takes the experience of the past and applies them to current challenges, prudently adapting the response to achieve contemporary outcomes.

Unfortunately, conservatism is the ‘ism’ that dare not currently be spoken about in polite company. In fact, it’s probably the only ‘ism’ in such a category. There are many defendants of environmentalism, multiculturalism, humanism and almost every other ‘ism’ that has left the Western world in the weakened state it now finds itself.

But mention conservatism and the so-called ‘enlightened’ respond with talk of dinosaurs and white picket fences in a derisory manner.

Of course, such a response ignores the fact that conservatism has proven itself as the philosophical approach that provides the greatest amount of personal freedom consistent with an orderly society. Interestingly, it is the only approach that has stood the test of time and proven itself enduring, consistent and sustainable.

Other political and economic systems like communism, socialism and libertarianism have collapsed under the weight of public debt, societal disorder or the yoke of tyranny. Even capitalism has been demonstrated to be potentially very destructive without the moral framework that conservatism provides.

Conservatism offers the answers for societal stability, sustainable prosperity and social harmony. It is built around respect for the structures and values that have proven their worth over centuries past.

It is time that we once again advocated for the merits of such an approach – to our national accounts, our government policies and our social standards.

It is time for a rejection of the failed experiments that have led to a ballooning welfare state, the growing entitlement mentality and a sense of government dependency.

We need to re-embrace the structures and values that have been the foundation of our civilisation.

Like any transition, the rebirth of conservatism could be a painful process but it is a change that is needed to ensure our future societal wellbeing.

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