The World Has Gone Completely Mad

The World Has Gone Completely Mad

“The world has gone completely mad.”

That’s a phrase I utter almost every day when confronted by the absurdities, deceptions and idiocy of public advocacy groups and government.

So many groups are now hell-bent on fuelling the grievance industry and generating new ‘victims’ on an almost daily basis that you need to question the motives behind almost every public utterance.

Sometimes ‘public interest’ advocacy seems to be all about money and even seemingly reputable organisations are not above selling out to feather their own nest.

I am going to share one such instance with you today.

Dr Gary Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon who operates on a lot of diabetics and obese people. As part of his process he advises his patients to cut the sugar and reduce the carbs.

He warns them it is either that or possibly lose a limb under his surgeon’s scalpel. It seems like sensible advice from a medical professional at the front line of dealing with a serious problem.

However, the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA) didn’t like a mere surgeon giving dietary advice so they complained to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Association (AHPRA).

Long story short is that at the behest of DAA, AHPRA told the good doctor to stop doing what he was doing. He appealed, they argued for a while and eventually the Doctor received an apology.

However, in a recent media interview, Dr Fettke disclosed how the Dieticians Association has been funded for the past 20 years by the processed food industry.

Little wonder they didn’t appreciate a message contrary to the one they were pushing, even if it came from a reputable surgeon.

Dr Fettke shared details of how a small cabal of food industry CEOs meet a few times a year to plan how they can increase consumption of their products. In the example given, it was those involved in the breakfast cereal industry.

These purveyors of sugar-laden carb-dense processed cereal also happened to fund the DAA to promote the ‘eat cereal’ message. Concerned about the fall in cereal consumption, these food industry executives identified a list of individuals to target in order to strengthen their cause.

Dr Fettke was the only doctor on the cereal makers’ hit-list and it appears the DAA were enlisted to do the dirty work. Hence the complaint to AHPRA seeking to have Dr Fettke silenced.

While justice was eventually done, this entire association calls into question every piece of advice from the DAA.

If the DAA are prepared to sell out our health and their credibility for funding from some morning sugar soakers how can the health-conscious public rely on anything they are told by them?

The DAA guidelines are used to justify almost every institutional menu from school tuck shops, hospital food, kids lunches through to the ubiquitous food pyramid.

Now it seems they have spent 20 years being funded by the processed food industry to push an anti-dairy, anti-meat message in favour of processed foodstuffs.

Little wonder obesity and diabetes are becoming a health epidemic across the community.

It is just another example of how a once-trusted institution has imploded under the weight of greed and self-interest.

It is little wonder the public can no longer tell real news from fake news. It seems there isn’t much difference between the two anymore.

Perhaps the DAA can blame the Russians … everyone else does.

I learned about this sorry tale through a radio interview on Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton. He interviewed Dr Fettke and you can listen to the interview HERE.

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