The Virtues of Enslavement

The tools of enslavement are being promoted as personal benefits and most people are none the wiser.

The Virtues of Enslavement
Photo by Liv Hema / Unsplash

As a society, we rely more on some services than ever before.

They've become critical to our way of life and social interaction whilst remaining under the control of a very few.

Technology is one such tool. While it has revolutionised so many aspects of our lives, it has also captured many in a web from which they cannot escape.

That 'tech stack' is controlled by a small number of huge corporations that can influence what we watch, hear and read.

It is the ultimate propagandist tool and it is regularly being used as such.

We see censorship coupled with the pushing of specific ideas that are designed to achieve a particular goal. Sometimes that is commercial, while other times, it is more political.

When tech teams up with the government, the process is even more dangerous. They'll push a dangerous, freedom-limiting idea and promote it as a benefit.

Unfortunately, most people won't realise they are accepting the tools of their own enslavement.

There was a brilliant example of this in an article in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) yesterday.

Here's the headline.

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