The US Election

The questions surrounding the US Presidential election makes voting in a Banana Republic look credible.

The US Election

I was hoping to have covered off the US election this week, expecting Donald Trump winning decisively.

Unfortunately while I do believe that Trump did actually win a legitimate victory, a number of questionable practices may cause him to lose.

I realise that previous statement may trigger the 'conspiracy theory' claims but there are legitimate questions that need to be answered to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

That can only be done through the Courts but unfortunately the damage has been done. I don't believe anyone can have confidence in the actual results becasue so many questions remain.

There is an outside chance that President Trump will be sworn in again in January next year but it would require an extraordinary series of events...almost as extraordinary as the events that tipped the scales in favour of Joe Biden.

We'll get to those but first, let's dispel some myths.

Trump won the largest share of the non-white population than any previous Republican President. That suggests he's hardly the white supremacist the media and his critics paint him as. His vote actually dipped among white voters.

Secondly, this election was actually very good for the Republicans. The Democratic 'Blue Wave' didn't happen. The GOP won seats in the House and maintained their Senate majority. The outperformed all expectations.

However, it is the Presidential election that provides some curiosities.

The Disconnect

There appears to be a wide disconnect between the senate races and the presidential votes. Normally they run in close voting trends but, rather bizarrely, the votes for Joe Biden surged way beyond the support for Senators in key states. This suggests ballot stuffing.

Michigan - Trump received 7k more votes than his Senate candidate. Biden got 70k more

This pattern is repeated in many other swing states but strangely doesn't occur in non-swing states.

The Deceased

There have been numerous reports in multiple swing about a postal vote being requested and returned by the deceased (including one chap who was born in 1850!)

The Deliveries

I consider it legitimate to question why counting was stopped in numerous states almost simultaneously and then restarted a few hours later. In some instances, hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were delivered in the dead of night, while most observers were asleep. I say Biden votes because, in Wisconsin they were just enough to get him over the line and claim an unexpected victory .

It was similar in other states where a mysterious 39,000 votes turned up and every single one was for Joe Biden. Just incredible.

The Dodgy

We also know that Democrat operatives have been caught on camera confessing to ballot stuffing, vote rigging and electoral fraud.

Here are just a few clips from Project Veritas.

The Duplicitous

I have written about the media bias so many times but they continue to reach new lows. They failed to report the dishonesty attached to the Democrats but always ran unsubstantiated claims (later proved false) against Donald Trump.

The election coverage was even worse than I anticipated. They deliberately delayed calling particular states to ensure Trump could not gain the momentum that builds during the staggered close of polling booths across the nation.

The Denied

There are many reports where the legally entitled Republican election observers were blocked from doing their jobs. If everything in the polling place was above board why would anyone legally entitled to be there be denied entry.  

Here's one video of that event in Philadelphia, a swing state with a long history of corruption.

Easy to win elections when you count the votes with no external scrutiny

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